Top 5 Handbag Designs for Thanksgiving 2016

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner. People can already feel it in the air. This is the perfect time to unleash your fashion investment. There are a lot of handbag designs that are available in the market. Women just love the variety of designs they could choose from. This fall season, handbags come in printed styles and other glamorous designs.

There are a lot of statement handbags this season, and each design is crafted with the latest trend in mind. The designs would surely fit your taste especially if you are the type who likes trying out new ideas. It would also fit those women who want to show their emotions and personality through the design of handbags. This season, there is a plethora of different designs for handbags that would surely capture women’s heart.

Dior handbags up to Gucci bags carry with them the sophistication of an independent woman. The bags itself speaks volume of personality and style. Each handbag represents the brand it was made of. So if you are interested to learn more about the top amazing designs for this season, then, this article is for you.


Handbags That Can Cross Your Body

Similar to the name, these are the cross-body bags for the fall season. This is perfect for women who are searching for relaxation and nature escapade. It is also very convenient because you have the option to hold it or just let it swing over your body. This is very convenient if you are always on the go. There are times that you need to carry items with you, so you just let this bag swing across your body for an added sense of protection.


Chained Handbags

Well, this bag is really comfortable this season. In fact, this has been in trend since before, especially to younger women. One of the problems that women encounter with their handbags is the handles. They easily get worn out due to frequent use. If you want to avoid that frustration, then, chained bags are what you should be opting for.

YSL handbags offer different designs for chained handbags. You can choose from the Saint Laurent designs that would surely captivate you. They also have smaller versions that are perfect for Thanksgiving parties and celebrations.


Dual Strapped Handbags

If you are the type of woman who’s not satisfied with one kind of style, then, this bag is just for you. This fall season, women fancy strappy iconic bags that are spacious enough to fit your sweater if ever you will need one. Miu Miu hangbags have variety of designs to choose from. Tote bags with dual strap functions are just lovely.

You can use the longer strap if you get tired carrying your handbag. Aside from this, the longer strap would allow you to carry other items like umbrella and coat with you. The shorter handle ones are perfect for a relaxing stroll along the mistletoe as you savor the chill of the Thanksgiving season.


Drawstring Handbags

This modern rendition of a drawstring handbag is just functional. Imagine how easy you could use it buy just pulling the string. This is perfect for items that are frequently used. You can choose from a lot of versions and designs for this season. You can even put all your winter essentials because the space is adjustable. Younger women need this design especially if one bag is not enough.


Box Style Handbags

The geometry of this handbag is rectangular or box shaped. You might want a spacious handbag to put your quotidian stuff and of course, your winter essentials. This bag also gives you an added protection for your items. You don’t need to worry of squished or damaged stuffs because the box style would protect it from damage.


These are the top 5 handbags that you could opt for this Thanksgiving. The designs are just unique and very trendy. If you want a perfect bag that would go along with your winter coat and winter outfit, then, you should check out these bags, and off you go!


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