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LuxTime DFO Handbags: High-End, Luxury Designer Bags Cheap

LuxTime DFO Handbags

One of the most exhilarating experiences any woman can have is shopping for handbags – until it’s time to pull out the credit card.

Luxury bags are incredibly expensive. Their sky-high prices are, for the most part, understandable; outstanding materials, impeccable workmanship, and the huge demand for high-end brand names that make an indelible fashion statement all explain why designer handbags can cost $1,000, $5,000, $10,000 and more.

And let’s face it. There’s no substitute for walking into a business meeting, a cocktail party or even a parent-teacher conference wearing a Hermès Birkin, a Balenciaga or a Chanel Flap Bag. Your choice of handbag immediately makes it clear who you are and what you’ve accomplished in life.

Unfortunately, most accomplished women still find it difficult or impossible to just drop thousands of dollars on a YSL or Gucci bag. And if they’re willing to splurge on their dream handbag, what woman can exist with just one purse? Owning a suitable wardrobe of luxury bags is horrendously, even prohibitively, expensive.

Introducing the solution: LuxTime DFO Handbags. It doesn’t matter what style of purse you’re searching for, or who your favorite designer is. DFO Handbags has an enormous selection of cheap designer handbags representing every major design house and luxury brand.

These aren’t the pathetic knockoffs you’d find at a street fair or on a shady website. Our bags are meticulously designed, impeccably sewn and created to last for the long term. Whether your heart is set on a fabulous Louis Vuitton, Prada or Miu Miu purse, or any other brand name bag you’ll find exactly what you’re after at LuxTime, for a fraction of the price you’d pay at an upscale department store or designer outlet.

We’ll have a full look at how much you can save when buying our discount designer handbags shortly, but here’s a teaser: we sell high-end Hermès Kelly 32 bags at prices as low as 3% of what you’d pay at a Hermès store. You didn’t read that incorrectly; a perfectly designed and manufactured Kelly that could cost you $10,000 at retail is available from DFO Handbags for less than $300.

Still a little insecure about what we offer, or about the whole idea of buying luxury goods online? Let us put your mind at ease.

Buying Online From LuxTime DFO Handbags

Those who regularly purchase luxury items are most likely to do it at a retail store. It’s “comfortable,” it’s reassuring, and it’s an ingrained habit. However, even upscale shoppers paying big bucks are finally realizing that buying expensive items online makes sense. A study conducted by Google and the marketing research firm Ipsos has found that 100% of affluent buyers are “extremely tech savvy,” 75% of them rely on the Internet to do their research before purchasing, and that online buying is becoming more and more common for these upscale consumers. In short, even the market segment most reluctant to purchase high-end luxury goods is increasingly relying on the Internet – and their average purchase is around $2500.

Just as importantly, the survey respondents said they’d be prone to buy online because it’s convenient, there’s more product choice, and they can find better deals. Those are our specialties at LuxTime DFO Handbags.


This one is pretty obvious. Just like any reliable and reputable e-commerce site, we’re available whenever you’re ready to shop, and ready to fill your order whenever you place it. Sure, the YSL site is always available, too. But they can’t match everything else we have to offer.

Product Choice

How frustrating is it to walk into a store, ask for a product, and be told “sorry, we’re out of stock” or “sorry, that’s only available online?” And how annoying is it to find exactly what you’re searching for online, click the order button just to see a notification saying “that product is no longer available?”

That’s a common experience at upscale stores or e-commerce sites when shopping for designer handbags – and an aggravation you won’t experience with DFO Handbags. We maintain an enormous inventory of the designer bags on sale at our site, and stock all of the models and styles that are commonly in demand. We also offer a huge selection of luxury purses in almost every color and leather you could imagine.

Product choice isn’t a problem at LuxTime. It’s one of our strengths.

Better Deals

And this is our biggest strength. We’ll be explaining the reasons we can sell designer handbags for cheap prices in a moment, but there’s absolutely no way a department store or name brand website can compete with the deals we offer on designer purses like the Gucci GG Marmont, Louis Vuitton Venus or Chloe Indy. You won’t find a single price on our site with four figures in it; our cheap name brand purses average around $300-400 apiece.

Whenever you think “great deals” on high-quality designer bags, the only name that should come to mind is DFO Handbags.

Looking Closer at LuxTime DFO Designer Handbags

It’s normal to wonder how LuxTime can sell designer handbags for less than anyone else – other than, of course, the shady guy selling cheap $25 knockoffs on the street or at a shady-looking store. Even more importantly, it’s reasonable to wonder about the quality of the luxury bags you can buy for such low prices.

We’re happy to go into detail on each of those big questions.

Top-quality designer handbags

If you purchased an Hermès Birkin directly from one of the company’s outlets (and good luck with that – you’ll have to be a valued long-time client just to get on the months-long waiting list for a Birkin) and put it side-by-side with a Birkin from DFO Handbags, you would see absolutely no difference. The detailed and impressive design, the exquisite leathers, the fine, handcrafted stitching – they’d be equally stunning and completely indistinguishable from each other.

That’s because we spare no expense in our design and manufacturing processes. We use the finest technology, hire the most experienced and expert designers and craftsmen, and pay an inordinate amount of attention to quality control. Anyone who’s spent time shopping for or wearing luxury handbags understands how important every tiny detail can be, and expects their designer purse to be perfect. We’ve been doing this for years and understand that better than anyone; we make sure every one of our bags is a product that we – and you – will be proud of.

Cheap designer handbags

First, an important distinction that we hope you’ve already realized. When we talk about our “cheap” name brand purses we’re referring only to their prices, not their quality. Designer handbags from LuxTime are definitely not cheaply made or cheap-looking, in any way.

Then how can we sell our high-end purses for such low prices, particularly since we put such care and effort into their design and manufacture?

First of all, we don’t have the overhead of a large company, store or chain. We don’t have to hire people to run our stores, pay for rent and utilities, spend a lot on advertising, or pay enormous transport fees to ship our goods to stores around the country or the world. Our business model is built to be more efficient, selling directly from our one location and allowing us to charge much lower prices.

We also don’t have the huge marketing expenses that companies like Prada and Gucci do, since we’re not trying to “build our brand” with costly promotions, runway shows, model and celebrity fees and the like. Since we don’t have giant bills for marketing, we don’t have to pass those costs on to our customers.

An even bigger factor, though, has to do with profit and brand names. An unnamed executive at a major corporation was once asked why his company charged so much for its products – and his answer was “because we can.” The prices you pay for designer handbags and other luxury goods aren’t just based on the cost of raw materials, labor and overhead. The big design houses keep supply artificially low in order to keep demand high and their brands “exclusive,” and then take advantage by charging as much as they can get away with.

Don’t believe us? Vincent Bastien, a professor of marketing who worked extensively with Louis Vuitton and other high-end brands on their strategies, spelled it all out in his book “The Luxury Strategy.” Among the marketing tenets he preaches to luxury brands:

  • Make it difficult for clients to buy.
  • Raise your prices as time goes on, in order to increase demand.
  • Keep raising the average price of the product range.
  • Do not look for cost reduction.

You can clearly see that the Pradas and Chanels of the world are trying to maximize their brand equity and profit, at the expense of their consumers. The last thing on their minds is selling you the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices.

But that’s exactly what we’re here to do. We’re not worried about protecting our brand name for posterity, manipulating demand or raising prices just because we can. LuxTime DFO Handbags was established to sell our products the way design houses refuse to: we sell high-quality, “cheap” designer handbags at a fair price.

Now you know the secrets behind the cheap brand name purses we offer at DFO handbags. We provide the same exceptional quality that you expect when purchasing a luxury handbag, but we do all we can to keep our prices low, not high – so you can buy designer handbags for less than you’d pay anywhere else.

How Much Can You Save With LuxTime?

The best way to find out how much money you’ll save when buying our discount designer handbags is to spend some time looking around our site. Once you’ve caught your breath or popped your eyes back into your head, we’re pretty sure you’ll find it difficult to browse without buying.

But here are a few teasers to whet your appetite, although the 97% discount price for a Hermès Kelly that we mentioned earlier is perhaps the best example we could give. At major outlets:

  • Louis Vuitton Monogram bags typically sell for prices between $1000 and $5000.
  • Gucci Dionysus GG Blooms bags normally cost between $1500 and $3000.
  • Miu Miu Madras bags sell at major department stores for about $2000.
  • Chloe Small Drew bags usually retail for about $2000.

At LuxTime DFO Handbags, you can throw those “established” retail prices out the window. Almost all of our designer handbags sell for between $300 and $400. That’s 66% to 90% lower than you’d pay at a department or brand name store, or on their overpriced websites – if they even have your bag available.

That’s why you may find it hard to control yourself once you’ve started browsing our site. That’s fine, though, because that’s what we’re here for: to be your destination for fine – and cheap – designer handbags.

Other Benefits of Shopping With DFO Handbags

If you’re still tempted to head out to a fancy store and pay unjustifiably high prices for designer bags, you should know several other benefits you’ll get when you shop with LuxTime.

Unlike most of the big name design houses, we don’t charge to ship your handbags to you once you’ve purchased them. You’re already paying enough; we’ll pick up the shipping cost.

Unlike most of the big name design houses, we have knowledgeable and caring client service representatives happy to answer any questions you might have before, during or after the sale. We value your business and want you as a long-term customer, and (unlike many of the famous designers) we don’t require you to spend thousands of dollars with us before we’ll be nice to you.

Unlike most of the big name design houses, we provide free service and repairs. If you need a screw replaced on your bag’s hardware and you bought it from a brand-name retailer, you’ll usually end up paying a fortune to have the work done. We stand behind our products, and whether it’s a screw or a very unusual structural issue that needs attention, we’re here for you and ready to make things right.

That’s the DFO Handbags story: the highest-quality designer handbags on sale for the lowest prices anywhere, with the largest inventory you can find and client service that’s second to none.

Why would you even consider buying designer bags anywhere else?