Tips on How to Spot Luxury in Buying Handbags

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Every woman has her own way of finding luxury towards looking good. Designer clothes, chic outfits with matching super cool accessories and classic shoes, women have a wide array of fashion sense. One of these essentials for a day-to-day or Saturday date night outfits is a handbag to complete your fashionable aura. Something that women indulge in aside from clothes is a fashionable and fabulous handbag. A woman should know how to spot the kind of luxury we need in buying these.

A luxury handbag does not only mean carrying something with a dangling brand name that sparkles every time you walk. It doesn’t always have to be expensive and out of reach that drains your month’s allowance. It should be comfortable and chic at the same time that compliments your outfit perfectly and elevates your confidence while carrying it.

Purpose: Know Your Type of Handbag

There are a lot of types of handbags available in the market or online and knowing what type you prefer or need is a step to finding the best one for you. For a day-to-day get go, a satchel is a great fashion piece to complete your lady-like look. For your trips in town, you can choose a cross-body, tote or a classic shoulder bag that are all versatile with different sizes depending on your need and are hands-free. Clutches and evening bags are best in your night outs and fancy dress parties. Luxtime offers a wide variety of handbags that you can think of.


Find a Handbag to Fit Your Body Type

Just like in choosing any fashion object, find the handbag that flatters your body.

Size Matters

You don’t have to follow what’s in or not. If you are going on a picnic or traveling, the size of the bag you’re carrying should be taken into account. Do not cramp everything in a small handbag just so you can look fashionable, a stuffed and bulky handbag won’t give you that. You can choose the Gucci Bamboo Leather Backpack from Luxtime instead.

In your day-to-day outs, take into consideration the proportionality of your bag to your body type. Very small bags will be lost when carried by very tall and slim women, midsize large and oversized styles are best for them. Do not get swamped by a large and oversized bag if you are on the shorter side. Short and petite women can appear taller using small sized handbags.

Shape and Length Matters

In buying handbags, the shape should also be taken into consideration. It should be opposite of the body type of the person using it. Slim and taller women will look better with a round shaped handbag while long and rectangular handbags can make shorter women look taller. The length of the handbag, in addition, where the bottom of the handbag hits the body, emphasizes that area. Most women look good using handbags that hangs mid torso and short handbags make busts appear larger so it is wise to choose styles that has longer straps to avert attention.

What to Look for in a Handbag

Every woman has her own needs and taste when in come to handbags but aside from style preferences, the best luxury a luxury handbag can give you is for it to last a couple of years to serve its purpose.

It is not exactly a luxury to wear a handbag that kills your shoulders, is it? A heavy handbag is just your prescription for a shoulder and back pain, it could be very uncomfortable after strolling in the city for hours. Find something that is chic but not unreasonably heavy.

Essential Compartments
Finding a fabulous handbag that can meet your needs can be a little tricky. A chic handbag is not exactly luxury if it does not hold your stuff and you can’t perfectly organize your things in there. There are lists of requirements to truly find luxury in handbags and these include secure pockets for your keys, space for your pouches and even laptop. You just need enough space and compartments that will keep you organized but not to many that you cannot find your things.

Excellent Straps
In choosing handbags, take note of quality straps. For flexibility and fit, it is best to buy a handbag with adjustable straps like the Gucci GG Marmont leather shoulder bag. If straps are not adjustable, make sure it’s not too short or too long for your body type. To avoid straps cutting into your shoulders, avoid handbags with stick thin straps, they aren’t as ergonomic. Also, avoid handbags with handles that are only glued to the straps because it will eventually separate.

Quality Materials and Stitching
Beware of low quality materials in buying handbags. Leathers bags should not be stiff and plastic-like but soft and buttery while non-leathers such as fabric and canvas handbags should be sturdy and not thin. The leather Gucci bags is a great choice. You should also look for the lining of the handbag, it should not be loose or have tears in the corners. The stitching and seaming of the handbag should be consistent with no loose or stray threads. Also, embellishments should not be loose and fall off easily.

In buying luxury handbags, it should be a thing that adds to your beauty. Invest in one that boasts a good marriage between quality and beauty and will last for many seasons.


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