Tips on Choosing the Perfect Everyday Handbag for you

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For most women, fashion equates to necessity. From taking a stroll in the park to attending an important event, women make sure that their attire is stylish and coordinated starting from their clothes, to their shoes, and especially the accessories. One of those that are essential to every woman is a handbag. For women who are always on the go, handbags are definitely a necessity because they serve the purpose of both a function and an accessory. Aside from carrying all your daily essentials, it also serves as an accent to make your outfit more chic.

An everyday handbag is ideal for women who do not like to switch bags every time they go out. It serves as a daily fashion staple. But picking the perfect one is a little tricky. You have to pick one that suits you well especially if you plan on using it for the long term. That is why it is best to invest in a high quality handbag.

When we hear the word high quality, it almost always equates to expensive designer ones. Yes, those may be expensive, but it is never a wrong decision to invest in a pricey type if the quality is excellent, right?

So, if you’re looking for the perfect everyday handbag, this article illustrates a few tips on how you can choose the daily handbag that best suits you.

Select a Color That Best Fits Your Wardrobe

For everyday handbags, it is important to choose a color that suits the majority of your wardrobe. This will prevent you from worrying whether your bag fits your attire or the other way around. It is more ideal to pick one that has a neutral color like white, cream, brown, gray or black since these can easily match any color. Hence, if the superiority of your wardrobe consists of neutral colors, then you can opt to buy one that has a bright color. Hermes has a wide selection of handbags that are neutral in color, and they also have two-toned bags that have a mix of bright and neutral colors.

Make Sure That the Strap Is Durable

Do you prefer using shoulder, tote or messenger bags? In any case, always make sure that the straps of those that you are buying are durable enough to withstand the weight of whatever you need to put inside. You would not want to purchase a stylish one which strap will easily tear, right? Also, if you normally walk or commute, it’s better to buy a shoulder or tote bag that has detachable straps so you could easily transform it into a body bag. It will lessen the burden of having to hold your handbag or placing it on one shoulder the whole day if it’s too heavy.

In this case, a selection of Prada purses that have detachable straps that will look lovely whether you use them simply as tote bags or transform them into body bags.


Leather Is Still the Best Pick for Long Term use

When it comes to material, leather is still the best when you want both durability and style. It cannot be easily scratched or torn. Also, it never goes out of style and the material does not easily look old. It’s perfect for long-term use. For leather bags, Celine is one of your best options.


Always Abstain From Large Logos Whenever Possible

Large logos can be trendy for only a short period of time today and be out of style in the near future. Buying handbags with large logos can make your bag look old-fashioned especially if you are thinking of using it for a longer term. There is nothing wrong in buying handbags with label’s symbol, but it is better to choose one that does not standout much.

Selecting the Proper Size Also Matters

In choosing the size of your handbag, you should consider not only its capacity but also on how it complements the shape of your body. If you have a petite body, you should avoid bearing handbags that have a shoulder strap, or one that is oversized. On the other hand, tall and thin women should pick handbags that are short and slouchy like hobo bags, since shoulder bags can tend to make you look like an empire. For plus-sized women, simply avoid using small and round handbags since these may make you appear larger.

Selecting a stylish and chic handbag is important, but it is also necessary to pick one that is functional and comfortable so that it is worth the price that you are paying for.


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