Saint Laurent Chevron Lou Belt Bag Red

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Ah, the Lou! No woman can resist owning this fascinating bag. And how would they? It has the shape of a camera bag, the color of a high-class product, and the skin of a durable utility belt. If you’re looking for spectacular bags, Saint Laurent Lou is for you, and yes, that rhyme was intentional.

Saint Laurent Lou is a belt bag made specifically for the Fall/Winter 2018 collection. The moment you see it, you will think “camera bag,” and you won’t be wrong. After all, Googling that name will give you the same exact description. It looks rectangular, but each corner is curvy and soft. It’s as unassuming as a small bag can be, which makes it wonderful.

Naturally, the all-too-well-known YSL logo is there, forged in 3D and fixed to the front.

The whole bag is made of sturdy, yet soft lambskin. We’re talking 100% pure animal hide, no imitation. This bag also comes in Chevron Quilting, which might remind you of previous models. Minimalism is a strong point with Saint Laurent products, and Lou is no different in that regard.

It’s true, this bag is smaller than the shoulder bag type. However, you still have a large enough compartment to pack anything you want. The back of Lou offers you a zippered pocket, small enough to store cards or change. On the inside, you get two pockets and a total of three card slots. That’s functional!

And we can’t forget the “extras” – the leather strap, removable pouch, and a leather tassel. You can adjust the strap to fit your needs, and if you’re not a fan of the tassel, you can remove it easily.


Dimensions and Features

The Saint Laurent Lou bag is 16 cm (6.3 in) wide, 12 cm (4.7 in) long, and 5 cm (2.0 in) deep. Lou is a pleasant red in color and is made of lambskin.

For a mere $316, the Saint Laurent Lou belt bag can be yours. Buy it now and enjoy the glamour that comes with it.

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