Prada Paradigme Bag Blue

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Prada Paradigme Bag is one of the latest models we have the honor to introduce. This bag is different in any way possible and it has something which none another bag on the market has. Let’s see what makes it so unique.

The first and the main thing to mention is the color. The color makes the bag sexy and elegant, but at the same time unique, which we already have mentioned. Then we have horizontal stitching, which is added for strength and originality. Prada logo is implemented as well. It is a luxury element of the bag.

The zipper on this bag is designed to last as long as the rest of the bag. Inside, you get two compartments and one pocket secured with a zipper. At the end of a day, you get plenty of space for most of your items and in general, you won’t need another bag. Compartments are suitable for smartphones of all sizes, for wallets and other, minor belongings. The zipper compartment is suitable for coins, small items and etc.

On the outside, you also get two pockets. In addition, they are also secured by zippers and they are massive. Expect to use them most of the time, due to easy reach and simplicity they offer. Obviously, the zippers provide the safety you will need.

Dual handles are comfortable, nice to hold and practical, thanks to a larger dimension. Additionally, owners will get a shoulder strap, which can be removed by the way. All metal pieces are gold-colored and they look expensive.

Dimensions of a bag are W11 x H8.3 x D5.3 inches, making it one of the most suitable for busy women who are looking for a bag for their, adventures at night. Of course, the design we liked so much makes this an even better choice.

At the end of a day, Prada Paradigme Bag is just right. It looks great and it is practical.



W28 x H21 x D13.5 (cm)

W11 x H8.3 x D5.3 (inch)

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