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At the first sight, you will believe that the bag here is so small that it can be used only for credit cards. In reality, you are completely wrong. The bag is based on the latest design and it comes with the latest features and capabilities. In a matter of fact, it is based on the Trapeze Clutch bag which was extremely popular and still is for some people.

The Epi Leather Twist MM comes with the best-looking LV logo we have ever seen. It is rendered using 3D bombe effect and you can see that the attention to the details is supreme. Furthermore, the logo makes the handbag shiny and special, simply said!

Opening and closing the handbag is easier than ever, thanks to the redesigning system which is almost completely new. In addition, we have a gold chain which can be used to carry the handbag over a shoulder or across the body. It matches the elegant and stylish design the handbag has to offer.

During the last decade, Louis Vuitton started changing some of their paths. We were able to see plenty of additional logo designs, new bags, handles and almost all other elements which could be found in the fashion industry. This was the main reason why there were so many Louis Vuitton creations which come in vibrant, unique colors, with impressive logos and other, distinguish characteristics. The Epi Leather Twist MM is one of the handbags which represents a new path designers at Louis Vuitton have taken.

Besides the fact it looks great and elegant, this handbag is tough and durable. It was coated with specific extracts and plant juice in order to make the leather extremely resistant. At the same time, it is waterproof. All of this means that the handbag is capable of meeting the requirements even of the most demanding owners. It will stay like new as long as you need it.

The main material here is Epi leather. Microfiber lining is present as well. If we add strong hardware and all-new logo at the front, you can get a better idea how this handbag actually looks. Obviously, a creation of this kind must stay practical. The new wave design is responsible for that. It allows for too small and even tiny handbags to provide more space than other creations of the same type.

The Epi Leather Twist is no ordinary handbag. It is special in any way imaginable.



W23 x H16.5 x D9.5 (cm)

W8.3 x H8.7 x D4.3 (inch)

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