Louis Vuitton Monogram Reverse Canvas Petite Boite Chapeau M43510

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The Louis Vuitton Monogram Reverse Canvas Petite Boite Chapeau is complicated bag that offers a lot of complicated and advanced advantages for all of you. It is filled with style and looks if we say like that. The first thing we will have to explain is the name. Petite stands for small and it is a French word. Boite is a hat box, so the overall translation can be small hat box.

Then we must reveal that this bag comes from this year. It is a 2018 creation, so it fits and it looks perfect or better said suitable for the current year. We were able to see models proving how successful and useful the bag is even on the runway.

The massive buckle strap is implemented and very appealing. There is also shoulder strap which is fully adjustable and it can be used for over shoulder or cross body applications. Both elements are made of leather and they are extremely durable. We must add the fact that their looks is superior. These are straps that simply look so much better than any other model has at the moment.

Here is the explanation of the practicality. This bag is a bit specific. You get plenty of space for all your items, which is understandable. But, you also get a special pocket for iPhone 7 and a removable ID compartment. Removing it is as simple as possible and it will take a few seconds no more. At the bottom, you can see 4 studs for protection of your items and belongings.

Metal elements are gold colored and they look stunning in the lack of a better word. They are truly special and they can put a smile on your face every single time you look at them. Over the recent years, Louis Vuitton started using gold-colored hardware more and more. We approve this action simply due to the fact it makes their creation stand out and offer an even higher level of style and quality.

The quality shouldn’t be even considered. It is obviously top-notch and it is even suitable for those who are looking the ultimate strength of their new bag. Leather has been specifically chosen for this bag and it is designed for those who are perfectionists.

The Louis Vuitton Monogram Reverse Canvas Petite Boite Chapeau is a unique bag that is modern, sophisticated, practical and looks great. So, it is a small bag for big people.



W17.5 x H16.5 x D7.5 (cm)

W6.9 x H6.5 x D3.0 (inch)

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