Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Trunk Clutch M43596

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Trunk Clutch M43596

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You like the bag we have here? Of course, you do. This isn’t an ordinary creation from Louis Vuitton. It is special and there is a perfectly good explanation for why. This is a re-designed version of the Petite Malle Bag which was inspired by a Maison Trunk. If you know, Louis Vuitton started as a trunk company back in 1854. The just mentioned bag had a huge impact on the development of the brand and on the overall success of the company.

The Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Trunk Clutch may be based on the original bag, but it is more than just different and optimized for the modern society and modern situations. For example, it features the latest Monogram and Monogram Reverse canvas, so it is a masterpiece in black and brown colors. The sheepskin lining is the next best thing you are going to see here and also a very special one.

Carrying the bag is possible with the leather and chain strap you can see. It is beautifully paired with the overall look of the bag and it is something that makes a huge difference. The strap is removable as well.

Inside, there is space of all your belongings and you will never need an additional bag or a wallet if you carry the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Trunk Clutch bag. All of your items will be protected by S-lock system. It may look old and traditional, but it is modern and will meet the highest safety requirements. Of course, the magnetic closure is available.

The bag we have here is a member of Fall 2018 pre-collection. It may be difficult to get it right now and most of the units are already sold out to repeated clients of Luis Vuitton.

How will you carry the bag and with what you will pair it? A good thing is the fact you can pair it with an elegant dress or with jeans and the bag and you will both look great. You can carry it day or night and expect to get a lot of positive comments. The Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Trunk Clutch has all the advantages of most other bags designed and made by Louis Vuitton but not a single drawback. As such, we can deduce that this bag is the one you will have to own in 2018 and the one that will be with you in the future.



W23 x H16 x D6.5 (cm)

W9.1 x H6.3 x D2.6 (inch)

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