Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Alexandre Wallet N61063

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Founded in 1854, Louis Vuitton is the name that stands for luxury, style, desire and achievement, all in one. With 163 years of experience, this company is capable of launching precisely what women want at the right moment. This is just one of the reasons why it has been rated among top 3 fashion houses in the last 10 years. You cannot make a mistake choosing the LV.

They are located in Paris, in the city that is a synonym for luxury, so all the items with the LV logo must be different than the rest. Better in many ways. This is actually the situation with the Damier Graphite Alexandre Wallet.

The wallet in question is slim and small enough to fit any pocket in your jacket, but at the same time, it is practical enough to be used by shopaholics. It actually was designed as a multi-purpose wallet, allowing for all women, beginning from mothers and coming to top models to use it daily.
Inside, there is enough space for 8 credit cards. You probably won’t need any more than that. A small pocket for coins and other minor items is included as well. It is paired with a zipper, which is rare nowadays!

The biggest element of the wallet is the central compartment, used for bank notes, bills, statements and anything else. Additionally, you get two large pockets for tickets and etc. As we mentioned, this wallet is designed for all kinds of women, so the practicality is at the high level. All of that is packed in coated canvas and leather lining, so it looks extraordinary.

The bottom line is that here you get luxury paired with simplicity and practicality. You will definitely be seen while paying for something, and not for your money, but rather for your new wallet.



W18.5 x H9 (cm)

W7.3 x H3.5 (inch)

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