How to Care for Your Handbags

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Just like other items, handbags are also prone to damage due to excessive use and poor handling. There are many factors that would lead for its premature damage. You use bags for work, getaways, and casual purposes. All of these factors could make your handbags dirty and frayed. This is a big issue for women, especially if you are wearing a designer handbag.

When it comes to caring for your handbags, there are different measures that you can do to prevent it from getting damaged. You must remember that these handbags are made from different materials, which means caring for them varies. For example, leather handbags shouldn’t be rinsed and machine washed because it would ruin the material. If you would like to know the practical steps in caring for your handbags, then, you should read these steps to prevent wear and tear of your valuable and much loved handbags.


Use Sprays for Cleaning Your Bags

You can find these cleaning materials in most supermarkets. They are really meant for delicate handbags. Gucci bag made in canvas is prone to wear and tear, so spray cleansers are a perfect fit for this handbag. Remember not to use tough brushes with this type of bag. Steel brushes are not meant for delicate materials. Use a soft cloth, silk if possible, to wipe the dirt on your handbag.


Stuff It Up

Most women have problem with deformed handbags. Due to the different items that you put inside your bag, it is unavoidable to have it deformed over time. The main remedy to this dilemma is to use soft materials like cotton or old papers to maintain its shape. Unstructed Bags often get deformed because of its irregular shape and soft edges. Try to put as much tissue or cotton if you can when you are not using your bag. This will make your handbag sturdy again.


Place your Bags in a Dust-Free Place

You cannot stop dust from invading your handbags. If you hate to see your handbags with dust especially around the edges, then, you should put in a place where it will be protected from dust. You can even put it in a utility box when not in use. Herme Birkin bag is prone to dust because of its embossed cube design. In order to minimize dust particles from invading the hard to reach parts, you could put in a soft drawstring bag. Just be sure there is no pointy edges inside that would damage your handbag. There are also dust bags available in the market. If you have leather handbags, then, this item is a must for you. Bags look good as new if they are kept in a dust-free environment.


Use Organizers in Your Handbag

Women used to carry their make-up kit wherever they go. It is a must in their bags. However, these small items could contribute to an early wear and tear of your handbags if not kept properly. To avoid spills of liquids in your bag like your make-up remover and toner, it is advisable to use an organizer to separate them in your bag. Your bag will look cleaner and mess free. Most YSL handbags are advised to be used with an organizer because they usually don't have sections inside. An organizer is the best option to buy if you need to put your make-up inside. You don’t need to worry about liquids spilling over your things, and your bag if you take these precautionary steps.


Handbags are very dear to women, so proper handling is advisable to keep it looking good as new. Know how to care for your handbags to prevent wear and tear. They are your investment, so try your best to care for them.


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