Hermes Kelly 32cm in Togo Leather Golden Hardware H5532G-orange

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Hermes always has something classy to offer when it comes to accessories. This handbag has plenty of amazing features, but the best one by far is the color. It is truly a work of art!

Just think of it as the ultimate accessory. You can wear a classic black dress and pair it with the Hermes handbag — that will make the entire outfit simply pop!

On the other hand, if you’re a woman with a bold sense of style, then you can go for a more colorful approach. Basically, whatever you choose to wear, this bag will make you look like a fashion icon!

The Hermes Kelly bag simply exudes an aura of elegance in every detail. In fact, along with the Birkin, it’s considered to be a timeless, classic bag. Just by feeling how soft the leather is, you’ll understand why women adore it.

Once you open it, you’ll notice that it has two pockets, one of which has a zipper closure. Furthermore, the golden hardware is yet another perfect detail that adds some charm to this already incredible Hermes bag.

This bag is 23 cm high (9.1 inches), 32 cm wide (12.6 inches), and 12 cm deep (4.7 inches).

Although the Hermes Kelly bag isn’t large, it is still spacious enough for you to carry your essentials inside. For example, you can easily fit your phone, wallet, keys, and lipstick inside, and even have some room left over.

Ultimately, whether you’re dressing up for a casual night out, or you’re going on a hot date, the Hermes Kelly is the perfect accessory that will make you look like the fabulous woman you are!



H23 x W32 x D12 (cm)
H9.1 x W12.6 x D4.7 (inch)

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