Gucci Ophidia GG small shoulder bag

Gucci Ophidia GG small shoulder bag

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Gucci is well-known for designing and offering some bags which look like they are not from this world. The bag we have here, the Gucci Ophidia GG is one of them. It is small, compact and it is great for everyday use.

The main material is supreme canvas which has been implemented with a web made of red and green elements. Not only it makes the bag look unique, but it also makes it look more interesting when surrounded by other fashion accessories. The shoulder strap is fully adjustable, so carrying the bag won’t be an issue.

Inside we get a lot of space, but additionally, we will add that you also get a smartphone pocket and a zipper pocket for small belongings. All of this means that you can carry anything you like in the bag and there won’t be a need for an additional space. The lining is soft and durable, so it will protect sensitive items from scratching.

Zipper used for the main opening is a new generation unit. It has been optimized for heavy-duty use and it is capable of withstanding anything you can throw at it. In addition, we also liked the fact opening is wide, allowing you to place larger items in the bag.

All the hardware is gold colored and it looks great. In essence, matched with the web we have mentioned earlier is carefully selected and the overall result is impressive no less.

Although the main design is kept traditional as much as possible, this is a brand new bag recently released by Gucci. It is highly desirable for modern women and those who want to have a thing of the past on their shoulder. It will be certainly going to be noticed regardless of the fact where you are at that moment.



W23 x H19 x D8 (cm)

W9.1 x H7.5 x D3.1 (inch)

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