Gucci GG Marmont small Red shoulder bag

Gucci GG Marmont small Red shoulder bag

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Here we will be focused on the Gucci GG Marmont small shoulder bag and we will try to reveal why this is one of the most popular models available at the moment. There are obviously a lot of advantages. As such, you get zip all around the bag, which has a positive effect on the safety and practicality. Then we have impressive colors, red, white and blue. Combined, the looks of the bag is special and it truly stands out from the crowd.

Now we will reveal that the shoulder strap is well-known Sylvie Web stripe. As you can imagine, it looks astonishing. Let’s not forget that the double G is implemented as well.

What about the main material or better-said leather of the bag? It is matelassé chevron and it comes with a heart at the back. This makes the bag literally more appealing and better than most, similar models.

When we take a look at the practicality, we must deduce that there are a few things that should be pointed out. The first aspect are the handles. There is a top handle with a 2 inches drop and a shoulder strap with 19.5 inches drop. All are made of leather and both are very comfortable. This allows for you to enjoy the comfort while carrying a full bag.

There are interior and exterior pockets which are suitable for all items and belongings you may have on your mind. Then you can see a gold hardware which is antique as well. This is an almost standard feature at the moment.

The Gucci GG Marmont small shoulder bag is appealing and highly desirable by women who want a reasonable practicality, but they still want a bag that looks better than ever.



W25 x H19 x D8 (cm)

W9.8 x H7.5 x D3.2 (inch)

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