Fashion and Function Combined in Finding Your Dream Bag

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Choosing the right designer handbag could be a predicament for girls. While some might think that it is full of fun and excitement, well it is, however, there is always that feeling of being torn or overwhelmed. There are a lot of handbags out there in the market today. Then add that with the vast variety of brands that creates different types or kinds of styles and qualities of fashionable modes. Combine all of them and you will get a great deal of bewilderment. Thus, the possibility of this happening to you is very high if you are new to this kind of thing- fashion and function of handbags.

The first step in choosing the right bag for you is to know what to look for. Buying a designer bag that catches your attention might be reasonable thing to do. However, a wise shopper always knows what specific handbag she is looking for. She examines the product not only by the style and design but also its functionality depending on her necessities. Developing this kind of habit in shopping especially when it concerns trend spells saving a lot of money. You don’t want to purchase an expensive one and later find out that it’s out of style, useless, or not durable.

So, one of the most important things to remember when buying a designer handbag is to look for the style while considering its functionality. Bags are originally created for containing the stuff that you have to bring with you when traveling. However, as we advanced our taste for aesthetic design in almost every aspect of life, bags became the thing for fashion. The result is the designer handbags. An appropriate example is the Gucci handbags.  Handbags made by such kind of giant in fashion industry are usually made by mixing fashion, style, and functionality.

A woman should be a keen observer and learn to look for significant details in the bag she’s buying. It is important to know what she wants while considering what she needs. Also, being a picky punter needs to find a store that offers lots of choices. That is the number one thing to do. While there might a lot of shops that have a variety of choices such as the mall and boutiques, online shops could also be a paradise to look for the right one for you.

The common problem arises, however, when the customer only bases her choice by its looks. The reason may be the color, shape, size, or intricate details in it. Whatever that might be, forgetting other important features of a designer handbag can ruin your budget and shopping experience. Because of this, here are some of the tips you might want to consider so that in your next purchase, it wouldn’t be much of a disaster.


Size Always Matters

There are just two ways that the size of a handbag can affect you. It can either improve or destroy your overall look. In choosing the right size of your handbags, it is also important to consider your physical structure and size. Small-framed and petite women could be overwhelmed by a big handbag. On the other hand, small handbags could also become unnoticeable when mixed with some attire. Thus, a woman should carry one that matches her form. Short and petite woman will appear taller when wearing something smaller. Slim and taller girls should appear better when carrying large or midsized types.


The Purpose and Design

The combination of functionality and design is the recipe to choose the right handbag for you. You should deem how you will utilize it in the future. Will you use it whenever you go in the office? Is it for traveling? Maybe you can wear during special occasions. Whatever your purpose might be, you have to think in advance. It’s advisable to take a lighter cross-body bag when you just need to go in the streets. Some leather satchel might not be that appropriate with those kinds of situations. A typical shoulder bag could best fit in working occasions because it offers a wide space for your things such as paper works or a tablet.


Materials and Structure

The price of a handbag usually depends on its materials. In the case of branded types, the cost may also vary depending on the design. In choosing the right one for you, you must take into account both of these especially when you are in a tight budget. Now, in order to prevent you from having troubles with crappy bags, you should be able to spot the flaws in them. While handbags must be used for containing your stuff, too many pockets and compartment can sometimes become useless. Maybe these kinds could really organize your things, but bigger or smaller pockets could make your stuff disappear forever. Every woman with these kinds of bags would know.


Examine the Parts of the Bag

  • Straps
    Customers may vary in preference but an adjustable strap in the bag can suit everyone. One must be careful with straps that are not adjustable. Make sure that they are not too long or too short for your body length and structure.
  • Pockets
    It will still depend on the preference of the user. However, you should still consider, in advance, how you will use the bag. Pockets became popular in bags because it gives storage place for organizing your stuff. But then again, if you don’t need too many of those, then choose something more appropriate.
  • Zippers, Buttons, and Clasps
    The sign of a quality bag is the one that has zippers that closes and opens smoothly. Examine if the closures such as clasps and buttons can close easily and neatly.
  • Fine Details and Embellishments
    Crystals, fringe, studs, embroidery, gems, and spikes are some of the smallest detail in the bag that greatly affects its overall look. A dazzling evening bag is a glamorous choice when attending a night gala.


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