More Testimonials

Hi Ray! ALL the bags arrived in London last Tuesday. The YSL Muse are simply wonderful, all of them are wonderful in every details, even if my favorite remains the unexpected beautiful Thomas Wylde received last time (put this in the comments section on your web site!!!). Thank you so much once again for all your help and kind support….. and above all for your patience in bearing me!!! Merry Christmas,
X. Rivalta

Dear Ray, Thank you for sending the very nice bag. I have received it last week. Best regards

 S. Unger

Hi Ray We just received the bags today. Very beautiful. The shipping was super fast. I didn't expect it this early. The Hermes wallet is the best. Thank you very much and we will definitely buy again
 A. Mukherjee

Hi Ray, My bag, arrived today and it's fantastic!! Thank you
 S. Hale

Hi Ray, Just to let you know I have received my order from you today (Gucci 163804C bag and wallet) and all I can say is 'FANTASTIC', The quality is superb and the service from you was excellent. I will definitely be ordering from you again soon.
 A. Wright

Dear Ray, I've perfectly received the two items. They are amazing!
 M Lluisa Garcia Estartus

hi ray got the bags thanks a lot they are great thanks again will order more shortly
 I. Moore

I received my bags yesterday and I LOVE THEM!!!! They look great. I'll be ordering more in the future.
D. Buckner

Hi Ray Just received my Black guccisima Hobo bag. Thank you for your super quick delivery and your service was fantastic. The quality of the bag is immaculate, the stitching and the leather is awesome, and I am so happy with it. I have bought designer bags before, and nothing compares to your quality products. Regards
K. Pentreath

dear Ray, bags are fantastic, quality and merchandise are excellent, delivery time very good, what a delight to now have a trustworthy and reliable contact that i will most certainly be ordering from again! I will put another order in very soon, many thanks again, best wishes,
k. Sahiri my jimmy choo bag today and wore it to nordstrom! All the sales women thought I had purchased it there. It is the best..thanks so order coming soon
F. Arago

Ray, I just received my wallet today. And I'm very happy with the quality and the "beauty" of the wallet. Thank you for selling AAA bags and accessories. I will buy from you again.
H. Langster

Hi Ray, today the package has arrived to me, the Gucci's handbag is fantastic and also the computer bag of Louis Vuitton, the packets were fantastic ^_^ Thanks very very much, I have been happy and as soon as I can, I make another order ok? Bye bye ^_^
S. de Luca

Hi Ray, I have received the bags today. They are beautiful. I appreciate your expedient service. I hope to do business with you again very soon. I definitely will refer you to my friends and family.
N. Liu

Thank you Ray, I just received my bags today and they're beautiful. Looking forward to do more business with you!
L. Dang

Hi Ray, received all 5 handbags they are so beautiful. I will like to order some more.
T. Berg

Hi Ray, Received the bags yesterday, they are absolutely fabulous. They arrived very quickly as well. I am putting an order together for another 5-10. I will e-mail you this week with it. Many thanks for your help. Best regards,
C. Frade

I have today received 2 of the bags I have on order from you. Thank you so much. They arrived quicker than I ever could have expected and they are even better than the photos! Thank you again. I will definitely be doing business with you in the future! Yours Sincerely,
R. Walker

dear mr ray, i really like the 5 bag you sent me i will pick some more and send you the list thank you
M. Nguyen

Hi, I received the bags. Thank you for the quick service. I look forward to making more purchases in the near future. Thanks,
A. Martinez

Dear Ray, I received my 5 bags today~They are just Awesome! I am very pleased with everything, the quality is great, your service was outstanding, shipping was very fast! I will be ordering from you again soon. Thank you!
R. Wacker

Hey Ray I just wanted to say thank you so much for the service and the quality of the bags. I got the last 3 last Monday and they are beautiful. I have already received a lot of complements on them. I will be ordering more from you shortly. Thank you again so much!!! Talk to you soon!!!
V. Alfaro

Hi Ray, I got the first parcel of purses, with the chanel bag, wallet and Louis Vitton Perforated Speedy Bag, I am in love with them, the quality is awesome, I'll be looking for the next parcel. Thanks,
C. Montgomery

Hi Ray, I have received two parcels. just wanted to let you know your bags are excellent! I will be ordering more with you.. Thanks you
L. Voories

Hi Ray, I SO EXCITED! I received my bag and the quality was just as described AAAA++++! I'm looking forward to making new purchases from your website and will be sharing your website with friends! BTW, I can't wait for you to get some of the Kooba bag's, b/c I would love to have one of those to add to my new inventory! Continued success, your work and quality is exceptional. For reference, I purchased the following bag: GUCCI GU137621C Brown - White Thank you,
T. Anderson

Hi, Just purchased the brown hobo gucci bag (large) and I've just receive it. WOW! You guys offer great service, quick delivery and the bag is simply AWESOME! I am shopping again as we speak. Thanks
M. Desjardins

Hi Ray I have just received the first of three parcels today and I am very happy with the quality of bags I received. Thanks again for the bags they are beautiful.
M. Dawson

OK, I got everything, and is all good, I like your product and your way of doing business . We will do a lots of business. (I hope).I will send you another order soon
G. Tummolillo

HI Ray I have just received my Chloe Paddington bag from you and am very happy with it!Thanks & Kind regards
N. Carney

Ray, I have received the package and you were right. I love it!!! I was the gunny pig for all of my friends, and now that I am satisfied with my purchase, you should be receiving quite a few more orders. Thank you for communicating with me, and following up on the receipt of my package, and I do plan to continue doing business with you.
T. Porter

hi i,ve just received my chloe bag what i ordered and i am really pleased with it .its a great bag.
C. Chadwick

Hi Ray Thanks have received handbags today they are all great quality I am very happy.Will contact you in about a week with another order. Thanks Kind Regards
W. Brooks

Hello Ray, Received bags yesterday. Very pleased and surprised how real they look. I own real Chanel and Gucci bags and your ones look great compared to them. Will order many more shortly. Thanks. Regards,
M. Gor

Hello Ray! I've received the bags. All good. Thank You.
M. Nick

Hi Ray Thank you for your quick shipping of my bag order. I am very impressed that they arrived so promptly. The bags are great and I am sure I will be placing another order in the near future. Thanks
T. McGillivray

I received the purses yesterday 5/31/2006. Wonderful I'm very pleased with the bags.
J. Small

Hi Ray I have received dior detective in black 1 gucci fanny pack 2 dior beige gaucho bags Very beautiful The quality is excellent hope to do more business with you. Thanks
L. Silvestri

Dear Ray Lau, I just received my chanel bag today and I am just thrilled, it is beautiful.I am now going to put in my order for many more bags...Thank you so so much,
P. Ritte

Hi Ray Just wanted you to know that I received my Mulberry Bag and it is absolutely lovely! I will definitely be coming to you for more bags in the future! Worth every penny. Regards
J. Jones

Hi Ray Received bags today, they are fantastic. Thanks
K. Fatch

"Ray, was so nice and easy to deal with that you can feel confident in buying a handbag from him. The bag I ordered came very fast and in excellent condition and was of very high quality. I would recommend this site for anyone interested in top quality designer bags." Thanks,
J. Siegel

Ray, Thank you very much for the handbag it is "beautiful"! I will be placing my next TODAY!!!!!
C. Alexander

Hi Ray: I received the Chloe and the Chanel bags already. They are great quality bags! I will be working on my next order and I will probably send it to you in 2-weeks as we are going on vacation next week. Take care and thanks again,
M. Telmo

Just got your email and the bag today. Love the bag. I will definitely keep you on my list of great websites. Thanks
K. Lichtman
Hi Ray,I received my Fendi bags last week.Thank u very much for quick shipment and amazing bags.I would like to order more bags soon. Thanks
T. Mehmet

I love my bag, I bought the Gucci Large Boston Bag, if any one has any doubts, don't. These bags are hot. My delivery was a little challenging only because it was around Easter time, but Ray shipped my bag when I asked him to. I will definitely be ordering more bags. Thanks Ray for the products.
Ms. R. Reid

Hi Ray, I got my bags today.... great service!!! great quality!!! ... will purchase another order next week some time.... thanks for everything!!!!!
R. Williams

Ray, First, I just wanted to let you know how IMPRESSED I am with the quality of these bags! Talk about authentic quality! AMAZING!
J. Alumbaugh

Good morning Ray I received my coffee Fendi Spy this morning. I would like to thank you for your fast effecient service and in deed your purses are excellent quality and workmanship. I look forward to using it. Once again thank you. kind regards
Y. Carpentier

Ray, They are absolutly beautiful..... I recieved the other box today. I am sorry I was a little worried yesterday. First time doing business it takes time to trust someone that you don't know. I am sure you can understand. OKay I am ready to place second order. I will email you today with order. Thanks,
J. Morea

Hi Ray, I got my 5 bags yesterday, they are all beautiful and I am very happy with them. I would like to thank you very much for being so honest and for answering all my e-mails. Dealing with you was real nice, I am telling all my friends and family about you and my sister is already putting her order together.
L. Mando

hi ray, just to let you know that i received my chanel bag today and am very pleased with the fast shipping, quality and workmanship.I will definately order more bags from you iff all are this good. thanks again
T. Jones


Hiya there! Just thought i would let you know that I recieved the bag yesterday (12/04/06). It is lovely, I will definately be ordering from you again in the near future! Have a lovely weekend.
L. Flint

Hi Ray, I loved my Kooba bag and my Chloe wallet, thank you so much. They really have great quality and look original! I will be back soon! Regards,
C. Salatini

Hi Ray, I recieved my bag this morning. It is absolutely beautiful! I am very sorry for being so skeptable, I do not hardly ever order off the internet. The bag is wonderful though! Thank you so much,
A. Guy

Ray, I thank you for the great merchandise. I am so happy to receive such fine quality. I hope to continue to do business with you in the near future. Very fast delivery which I greatly appreciate.
M. Dinha

Dear Ray, I had received the bag on Monday and I definitely loved it. Hope to order with u again in near future. Many Thanks. From,

Hi Ray The purse arrived on Monday. Looks great. Thank you for the very smooth transaction. I would highly recommend your products to all my friends. I appreciate your communication and promptness! Best
L. Roth

Hi Ray, I just received my gucci bag it is amazing!!! It was exactly what you promise to your customers. I will be back to the website for more than one bag. THANK YOU
L. Makris

hi, I've just received my gucci bag. It's wonderful and I thank you. At the next time
I. Bonori

Hi Ray Just received the bag. I love it......I will definitely be ordering more............ thanks
L. Cross

Hello Ray: I received the purse and it is wonderful. I will look at your web site again, let me know by email when new items come in. Who ever manfactures that purse knows what they are doing.
D. metry

Hello I just wanted to say thank you so much. I received my parcel yesterday and everything was fab. Thanks again
M. Ring

Hey Ray, I received my Chloe Paddington handbag on yesterday and once again you!|ve outdone yourself. It is simply beautiful, I mean words cannot even express how happy I am with the bag. Thank you so much for another excellent transaction. And the expedient shipping is a major plus. Please don!|t EVER get rid of this site or stop doing business, you!|re great!!!! Will be purchasing my third handbag real soon!!!! Thanks again.
L. Mitchell

hi ray, rec'd my order! thank you! very nice and beautiful bags! i will order more again soon.
T. Caluori

Hi Ray, Thanks, I have received the bags a few days ago. They're beautiful! Especially the Chloe Paddington! I am looking forward to order more from you soon. Best regards,
A. Lim

receiving my bag this morning, it is really beautifull. thanks for your speed-delivery.
A. Van 't Wout

MR. Ray Hi Mr.. Ray I just want to thank you I received my three bags surprisingly in a very short time I liked them all and mostly the chanel C20181thanks again it was pleasure dealing with you...
F. Alami

Hello Ray, you were abosolutely right, I received the bag today and I love, love, love, it. I will be ordering from you and only you again, Thanks Soooooo Much!
B. Waters

I just wanted to thank you for the super quick shipping and the great bag. I will definately be ordering more from you in the near future! THANKS!!
J. Vorbroker


hi i got it today thanx its great if i shop online again i'll probably use you. if you have any specials dont hesitate to email me about them
A. Solomon

Hi Ray, Just got my bag. Great bag great service AAAAA+++
D. Thomas

hey ray thanks so much for the handbags i got them all. they are perfect!! i always love doing business with you!!!
K. Barbosa

I received my handbag on yesterday and I am very, very pleased!!! It looks exactly like the authentic Gucci bag from the Cruise Collection. Kudos to you for making beautiful designer handbags affordable for people like me who desire the same quality designer at a reasonable price. Thanks so much!!!
L. Mitchell

hello , I would like to thank you very very much for the quick shipment!! and for the wonderful products!! i will be buyin another order in 2 weeks. again thanks so much!!
R. Siyam

Hi Ray. Bag arrived today and I am absolutely delighted - a BIG thankyou
C. Porrett

Hi Ray, I received the wallet yesterday by the time I had got home. I would just like to say thank you so much for the fast shipping. The Wallet is amazing, I love it! Outstanding value, and first class quality and packaging was an extra bonus! Thanks again and will defiantly be buying from you again soon. Kind Regards
K. Aston

Hi Ray, The bags arrived and they are BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you so much!
J. Boice

Hi Ray Thanks. I received the bags today. The quality was really good. I'll see how I go with these and may buy some more in a couple of weeks. Regards
B. McMurtrie

Dear Ray The Gucci Handbag just arrived in Switzerland! I like it a lot. Thank you very much for the prompt delivery. I will order the black Gucci model very soon. I will come back to you. Best regards,
C. Forcella

Hello, I received your bags and I love them. The quality is great. Thanks so much for the great product. I am very impressed and look forward to buying more. Sincerely,
K. Whiteway

Hi Ray Received our bags today and they are excellent. Thank you so much, we are very happy customers!! Look forward to ordering again soon
A. Ohlrich

Thank you Ray, All the bags are gorgeous.
N. Ma

Thanks Ray I received one package today and the bags are gorgeous absolutely beautiful. I am recommending you to all of my friends. Sorry to be a pest but I was scammed before. I appreciate your honesty. Thanks again
A. Wallace

Hello Ray, Thank you for the order that came in last week; they were very nice I would like to do another order of 5 if that is possible.
M. Russell

Ray, I just received my handbags they are amusing, so beautiful. I hope to be making an order soon. Thanks again and I am fully satisfy with the product I received.
M. Esparragosa

Hi Ray, I got my back and I love it. It is absolutely fantastic, so good I'm going to buy another one soon. thanks again
O. Kavanagh

you have proven to me that you are an excellant seller and one that can be trusted to provide excellant service and products. Once again I am very happy with the bags and so are my buyers.
K. Lory

R. Lindsay

I received my handbags and luggage before I left on my vacation. In Perfect Time! They are beautiful. Thanks Again!!!!
S. Bogan

hi ray, thank you very much for the bags i received today, they look fantastic,and the quality is so real, i am so please about your selling, i would like to order 5 more. it is very nice that you are very honest business man and buying through you is fantastic.
R. Marquez

Hi Ray, I love the bags! they are beautiful, and such good quality, I'm really happy.
L. Seiga

Ray, Thank you for the fabulous paddington bag which arrived yesterday.It is fantastic.I am just trying to decide which one to order next as they all look great. Kind Regards
J. Pierce

I want to let you know I recived my bags, LOVE THEM!! (7 bags)
S. Morganti

Hi Ray Wow i got my first parcel today, the bags are gorgeous, I am so pleased with them, I can't wait to get my next parcel, sorry I doubted you!!! Thanks
T. Lloyd

HI Ray, I just received my purse and I love it. I am already wanting to buy another one.
C. Marley

Dear Ray I have just received my 5 bags and they are just as described. Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous, I could not believe how good they look. I will be sending an order through in the next week for at least another 10. Kind Regards
J. Rappa

Dear Ray I recieved my bag today and I LOVE IT!!!!!. You provided excellant and fast service and the bag is of really good quality. I wasn't sure at first and I did have my doubts but they have all been erased and know that you have another very happy customer. I have recommended your website to everyone I know and will defiently shop with you again, soon. Thanks
K. Lory

Good mornig Ray, I've just received the bag. It is fantastic and you'll see me again for another bag . All the deal has been perfect without any problem and good communication in every step. Thanks for all.
L. Garcia

Ray, Thank you so much for this beautiful bag. I really love it. I will be placing future orders with you.
T. Auster

Hi Ray, Thanks for the bags, they are great. Thanks
A. Uzdriene

Hi Ray, Just to let you know that I received my Hermes bag - it is totally amazing. Thank you so much. The Louis Vuitton purse is also fantastic, and beautifully presented, perfect for Christmas presents
C. Moore

HELLO ray the second package has arrived I am super, very beautiful as from your site web I will be one client of yours to life to brief I will make a new order thanks
A. Guerra

Hi Ray , Just to tell you i got the bag today . Thank you so much for your service . I am very very happy with the handbag. It is top quality. Many thanks again Ray for everything
L. Meally

Ray, I received the bags today. they are terrific. I have already got a new customer for you. It was worth the wait and the aggravation with the moneygram. I have been looking for the telltale signs of a fake and I haven't found one. thanks so much. I need to keep working just to support my purse habit now because there are so many more I want
F. Arago

Hi Ray. I received my bag today 1st September.Excellent goods and excellent service.Will order from you again. Regards

Hello Ray! Just wanted to let you know I am thrilled to say, both packages arrived safely today and yesterday. I am impressed beyond words with the quality each of the purses. It was a dream come true to hold the Monogram Cerises Keepall 45! The Cerises Compacte Zippe wallet and Rond are amazing:) Thank you for delivery of exactly what is promised by the pics on your site, and thank you for making my dreams come true. You have a friend and customer for life! Anyone reading this who might doubt the beauty of the purses in real life, need not worry--you will never be ashamed to carry one of these bags! Sincerly,
Julie G.

Dear Ray, We received the bags and they are absolutely stunning! We will definitely order more in the near future. Thanks,
B. Gerson

Hi Ray, Just received the LV Reporter bag and I am so impressed. The ship at which it was sent and the accurate description of the internet has made me a very happy customer indeed. I will be recommending you to others and I look forward to purchasing more at a later date.
A. Jason

Hi Ray The bags arrived an hour ago, great service and quality. Thankyou very much, will definately be keeping an eye on your web pages for more bags. Regards
L. Haines

Hi Ray Thanks for the two gucci wallets. I received them this morning. They are very good, the best I've seen. I will be placing another order with you next week Thanks
D. Tilby

Hey Ray Got the bags just now. You were right... first class bags. The quality is amazing. We have an original Hobo and you cannot tell the difference. The leather is so luxurious and soft. I'm going to be ordering a lot more, so get ready.
PS: Sorry for not trusting you, but this was our first time.
L P George

Hello Ray, I just recieved my bags this morning. The shipping was super fast! The quality is beyond what I could have ever imagined and I would like to personally thank you for representing your bags accurately and honestly. I will definitely be back for more!!

I just got my channel bag. I love it!!
K. Farah

i got my gucci handbag today,and i just wanna let you know that i love it.........thank u very much........i'll definately shop with u again

I have enjoyed two products I have bought from you so much. They are good quality.

i got all of my bags today and i am so pleased with them! i will definately be ordering from you again because tons of my friends want them.
A. Hargrove

Ray Just to let you know my bag arrived today and I am absolutely delighted with it! The colour is beautiful and the quality of the bag is simply outstanding! I have bought bags from several other suppliers and I must say that the qualilty of your bag in comparison to some others is just excellent.Also the shipping was very fast and a secure way of making payment and the bag well packaged. The whole experience has been first class! I look forward to placing future orders with you. Thanks again, with best wishes,

Ray, I got the fist box in yesterday and the rest today can I say wow, excellent, and wonderful workmanship and quality, the Louis Vuitton cherry cerises speedy 25, multicolor speedy 30, cherry keepall 45, and the cherry cerises wallets are awesome and so is the Gucci horsebit hobo you will be hearing from me again for another order you have a customer for life!!!!!!!!!!
L. Christmas

Hi there Ray Just letting you know I received the order...thank you very much. They are excellent! I'll keep in touch with my next order! Cheers
C. Cicak

Hi Ray, i received the chanel bags and i must say i'm sooo impressed with the quality and everything!! i have 2 real LV bags and i will tell you i will never pay that much ever again, your bags are identical.
S. Mustica

Ray, I just received the second set of bags today! All six are Incredible quality and just as the picture showed! You service has been impeccable! I have dealt with a lot of suppliers in the past and although your price is a little more it is worth EVERY penny! I will NEVER be ashamed to carry one of your bags! Thank you for your help and professionalism, I look forward to buying from you in the future!
C. Delany

Sorry for not emailing sooner, I have received the bag and it is lovely, really good quality I will be using you again. Thank you so much.

I received the Balenciaga bag (well both of them as I ordered 2) and they are absolutely great. I am really happy and you can count me as a customer for life !
L. Bertieri

I just love the Gucci Hobo Bag from your site!! I had just received the bag last week, and I can't believe its sooo nice!!!!! I will be buying from you soon again!! You made me the happiest customer!! Thanks!!!
C. Blanza

dear ray received first lot of bags. they are brilliant!!!! thank you
S. Taylor

Hi Ray, I received 6 bags today they are beautiful, just as you described! I will be ordering from you again, thankyou for your help! Regards
E. Cassidy

Ray, just wanted to let you know that we received the second shipment and we are VERY impressed with the quality of the bags. You will be hearing from us very soon! Thanks!

Hello Again! I finally recieved the last two bags yesterday!! Thank you so very much, they're AMAZING I'm so pleaset with the quality and the finish of the bags and purses. You can expect a new order from us very soon! Thanks again!!

Hiya Ray What can i say, just received the first parcel with the big and wallet, and over the moon they look so authentic, I am so pleased with them and carnt wait too receive the others

I just wanted to say I received my Gucci bag today and it was wonderful. It was so cute and such a great purse. The delivery was fast and flawless, I'll definitely order from you guys again. Thanks so much

Hey Ray, I feel like a kid at Christmas. My bags arrived today and they are stunning. Even better than I had hoped. I can't wait to show them off. I will be back again and again and again. Thanks for all of your help and your patience.

Ray: Thanks for the merchandise; I am very pleased with your products. Hope that we can do more transactions in the near future.
C. Hughart

Hi, Ray I got my LV bag today and just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you..... The bag is absolutely stunning, great A+++++++ quality. I can not believe I received the bag in one week. I appreciate you did it as your promise. I will place another order soon.

Mr. Ray i received your purse and i love it is so beautiful and looks exactly like a real one, from now on you have a loyal customer, your purses are amazing!!!!!!

Hi Ray, Just wanted to let you know that I received the bags and they are absolutely fabulous. I love them and I am getting another order ready. Thanks so much.
A. Halbe

I received the package today. I love the bag and will order another.

Hi Ray. I finally receive the order today and I am pleased once again with my purchase. Because of my bags I have ordered from you, my two sister in laws has also ordered from you. Thanks once again

I just got my bag. That is the fastest delivery ever. You've got yourself a returning customer. I'm so happy. It was well worth it.

I've already recived the bags, very nice. I hope to do buisnes soon with you again. Thanks.

Thanks so much for the bag its so beautiful.

I just received my bag much sooner than I expected and I love it. You are absolutely wonderful and I can't wait to recommed your products to all of my good friends. Thank you.

Hey Ray, finally got my lovely bags today!! YEY!!!! I'm so happy with the product...

I got my bag on Friday. Thanks very much. I will definitely buy more from you.

I just got the bag- thanks a lot, it's fabulous! Looking forward to ordering more from your website!

I received my order yesterday and I must say that I am very pleased with my purchase. My Louis Vuitton bag is so nice that I can't hardly believe it. You have a customer for life. Thank You so much!

Just a wee note to say that the leather horsebit hobo bag arrived today, and it is absolutely gorgeous. I can't believe the quality. It is absolutely amazing. Thank you so much. It was definitely worth the whole week I had to wait. Beautiful bag, and a very professional company you run. The communications I've had with you have been excellent. You are very prompt with your replies, and I'm very impressed with your professionalism. Thank you so much. Next time I want a bag for either myself or anyone else, you will definitely be the person I will turn to first. Absolutely AAA+++ Thanks again
N Branston

I received my bags a couple of days ago and they are absolutely gorgeous. So I'll definitely do business with you once again cheers

I just wanted to say thank you for shipping me such a wonderful bag!! It is amazing. Your service was fast.

I have just receive the gucci handbag today . I just want to thank you so much because you are really a honest man and we need more people like you. This bag is so pretty and wonderful. May your god continue to bless you and your family. I will be back asap to buy another bag from you.
Thank You Mr. Ray
A. Hamilton

Thanks for everything...You are great!!! You are very easy to get in contact with and you respond immediatly. The bags are the best quality i have ever seen and....and believe me i know bags!!!! Thank You!!!!

Ray, I just wanted to tell you I AM ABSOLUTLEY AMAZED AND EXCITED ABOUT THE BAGS I PURCHASED!!! You can trust that you will be hearing from me real soon!! I can't believe my eyes!! Never have I seen this quality before and I OWN the REAL BAGS of some of your products!! WOW! You are the best!!! I am one HAPPY CUSTOMER!!

My bags have just arrived, they are fantastic - thank you so much. I will be placing some further orders with you shortly. Thank you also for the speedy service.

Just to let you know that the bag arrived safely tonight,so please disregard the last e-mail. Once again I am delighted with your products & good service. I have had some very bad experiences in the past when buying bags in this way & was a bit nervous of doing so again, but I have been very pleasantly surprised! I am going to check out the site to pick out the next order. Here's to many,many more! Thanks again
A. Sandford



I just wanted to tell you I received the package today, they are beauties. Thank You

I LOVE them. I am soo pleased. They are beautiful!!!

I've bought 2 bags from you in the last two weeks and they're both gorgeous , Thanks.(Louis Vuitton White Multicolore Speedy 30 for my daughter, and a blck Chanel bag for myself) I've just logged on to your site again to buy another bag - it will be my last for a while - until I save up to buy another next year!!

Great bags, I liked them so much I need more

I could not believe the quality of my recent purchase (chanel). I cannot tell the difference between the real thing and the one from your web site! Now my sister in law is hooked, and she is a designer label freak!! She has bought authentic Louis Vuitton on numerous occassions, but now has decided the quality of your bags is so good, she too will be buying, as I will again very soon. I urge anyone to buy from your website the quality is 110%,and the speed of delivery is second to none. many thanks

I received the bag yesterday, it is fabulous !!!! Thank you so much, that was a perfect service and quality.

I just wanted to thank you, and say that I appreciate youre help very much. I have recive my bags today. Iam very happy with youre service and help. I have see you added a few more styles and brands to youre site. I will be coming back to you, because I like the quality. I just wanted to thank you for this time, and be placing some more orders in the future. Your service was great!!!! Thanks

Ray, I received my purses, they are beautiful. You will be receiving another order from me very soon; I think all the women in my family will be receiving a purse for Christmas! Thanks again.

Thank you so much for the quick delivery of the LV Musette Tango. It is perfect, just what I wanted ! I'll certainly order another purse in the near future !
V. V. de Cruys

Once again, a great job! Very pleased with the service. I let Ray know that I had people waiting for the bags I ordered. He emailed me back immediately and assured me they would be shipped ASAP. I won't say how fast I received them but it was FAST!!! Amazing! Thanks for everything.

Great Bags at Great Price! I sell lots of bags and this is the best price and quality I have found.  You will NOT BE DISSAPOINTED


I received the bags today and the order is perfect.

I received the bag today. That was fast. It is beautiful and excellent quality. I will be recommending you to my friends.

Out of all the people i have dealt with over the internet you are the most professional, quick service, and prompt responses and your product is great, it was packed well and looks fantastic. I will be sure to let all the people I know about you. Well done!

I received two of the 4 packages that you send us. May we say "what an excellent service" . We were not expecting packages until next week. The purses are beautiful and what a wonderful quality. We can't wait to start ordering more!


Just to let you know I got my bag and absolutely love it. It is just fabulous.

I just wanted to say thank you again for such a great bag! I received my speedy 30 multicolor & it's absolutely fab! I am loving it!

I have just received the bags I ordered - and thank you they are just beautiful. I was concerned at first ordering from you but now I have no hesitation and shall be ordering more soon.

Thank you so much You were so right! It was the best qaulity.

Just wanted to let you know that I got the bag safely and it is beautiful, I am very happy with it. Thanks very much

The LV Luco Tote bag was amazing. I love it. Thank you.
K. Daniels

Hello, just let you know i have recieved the bag, its lovely, and very real, thanks again, hope to order again soon.

After countless hours searching the internet for high quality Louis Vuitton, I come to the conclusion that the bags offered on your website are superior to all other bags I have come across on websites that offer Louis Vuitton.

WOW. They are SOOOO GOOD. I'm getting my next oder together. Thank You so much.