9 Clothes a Woman Must Have in Their Wardrobe

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Every day, you spend a lot of time finding out what to wear and choosing an outfit for the day. What clothes will you select when you get to work? What about clothes for special occasions such as a wedding or a first date? Getting dressed every morning such be an energizing and fun activity. What you wear will set the mood for the whole day. It should set up a good tone for the rest of the day.

But what if you check your closet and you don't find the perfect wardrobe inside? What will you do for "I have nothing to wear" moments? You need to prevent this from happening and it's easy to do that. This article will provide you the nine simple yet stylistic clothes you need to have in your closet to make you feel and look fantastic every time you go out.


A Plain White T-Shirt or Blouse

Sometimes the plain white T-shirt or blouse can seem to be the simplest but most elegant when you wear them. Using this classic type of clothing will always be in the trends. It's a must have for everyone. Wearing this gives you a fresh new look and you can combine it with any color or piece of apparel. It's very versatile. You'll be able to accentuate your accessories such as your watch or a bag.


A Pretty Sundress

A pretty dress is perfect for hot days or the summer weather. It's also a good way to show off your tan or to its great designs. Get a colorful handbag to match your outfit.


Dark Jeans

Dark jeans are an all-around piece of your wardrobe. The best thing about it is that you can choose a variety of designs and cuts. And with the right fit and design, it can change your moods or look. The most common types of dark jeans are the skinny, flared and high-waist jeans. The most famous brand of jeans is from Levi's.

Many people choose dark blue or black colored dark ones. Ideally, they want those with no pre-fading and do not have tears or rips, although distressed pants are showing up more in the market today. Whatever you choose, you can wear them for work or if you're just chilling out in the weekends. Every girl needs to have a pair of dark jeans that will make her feel comfortable and ready to face the world.


The Traditional Trench coat

A trench coat is an investment. It's a great thing to use and is perfect put on for corporate attire as it adds style. If you're wearing one, consider factors such as weather, occasion and the day.


A Little Black Dress

A little black dress or LBD can be a black cocktail or an evening dress. It is very simple in design and a bit short. Did you know that in 1962, designer Coco Chanel was the one who introduced the LBD to the public and Audrey Hepburn made it famous by wearing it in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's? It's no wonder that Chanel bags are the right handbag to have when wearing a little black dress.


Dark Boots

A great pair of boots, preferably black, is a necessary weapon in a woman's arsenal. If you're shopping for boots, get one that you can sport with most of your attires. If you don't want a dark color, you can choose a neutral one to make sure that it would still match your outifts.

Boots have different sizes, from the ankle to mid-calf and tall ones. Boots is a great thing to wear in all kinds of weather. Rubber boots are fine, but don't go overboard and wear one with cartoony designs or super bright colors.


A Stylish Blazer

If you're feeling cold but doesn't want to use a heavy coat, get a blazer. It's a good outfit to have on in the office. Make sure that the fit is just right for you and don't wear a blazer that's too short. Using this kind of apparel is a perfect match for the elegant LV bags.


A Colorful Scarf

Using a scarf has a dual purpose. You can wrap it around our neck when it's cold and still be fashionable at the same time.


Comfortable Footwear

Of course, you have to be fashionable from head to toe. Get the footwear that is comfortable to use but providing you a design that can give you a dose of coolness. Don't force yourself to wear heels that you can't walk on.


As a bonus, we'll also list five accessories that you must have in your everyday attire. These are:

  1. Handbags
  2. Cosmetic Pouch
  3. Coin Purse
  4. Phone Case
  5. Jewelry

Mixing and matching everything in your closet may be a challenge at times, so take note of the colors and designs that you choose. Sometimes simple clothes are the best to wear in any situation.

By keeping all these things in your closet, you'll have something to wear to any occasion. You'll find that dressing yourself everyday is a breeze. You just need to make sure that everything you wear matches and always be presentable. No matter what the current trends are or the hottest styles available, these nine types of clothing will never get out of style. Remember these nine essentials in your wardrobe. Not only you go outside looking fabulous, you'll also feel great inside.


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