8 Rules to Get that Awesome Style at the Office

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Whether you notice it or not, people can judge you and your success by just looking at your clothes. Dress codes nowadays are not strictly implemented anymore but it's still good etiquette to wear proper attire at work. If employees are coming to work dressed inappropriately, other people may not take them very seriously. This article talks about what clothes to avoid at the office and what to wear to show off your awesome style.

Before we begin, we just want to make sure that this is a straightforward list of clothes that you can wear, no matter what the latest trends are. Let's start with making sure that your closet is equipped with everything that it needs. Find out what's in it. Check your stuff first and remove any clothing that doesn't fit you anymore or those that are too tattered or torn.


1st Rule: Dress according to your industry needs

Each industry has its appropriate dress code. You can't be in the construction business and wear construction gear, complete with a helmet and gloves, together with a Gucci handbag. Today's workplace is more lenient when it comes to that. More and more offices dress a bit more casually now and people are taking advantage of wearing clothes to work that can also be worn at home.

If you're unsure of what to wear, there's a standard of dressing up. If you're a guy, you can wear dress pants that match button-down shirts. If it's a bit chilly, you can wear a sweater or a coat instead. It would be nice if the colors are pleasing to the eyes, so, neutral colors are advised. Ties are optional.

For women, it's better to wear something conservative. You can wear a cute, summery dress, a blouse or a sweater. Pants and skirts are okay. If you want to express yourself more, you can be creative by accessorizing or wear makeup. You can also use an elegant Celine handbag to complement your shoes.


2nd Rule: Wear something that fits

This may sound very basic but a lot of people leave home wearing their clothes too small or too big. It doesn't look too good if it's not the right size. It can cause distractions for other people or they can't concentrate because of your attire. Unless you're intentionally wearing boyfriend tees or an oversized sweater, pay attention to your clothes and make sure they fit.

One good example is T-shirt. You can wear it almost everywhere and it comes in all sizes and shape. Each has its own style and price. But don't wear something too casual that you look like your T-shirt has devoured you or too small that it looks like you're wearing your kid's clothes.


3rd Rule: Have color coordinated clothes

Ensure that your outfit colors complement each other. Consider also your skin tone. Colors can affect your mood, according to some studies. For example, the color blue provides a feeling of calmness and serenity while the color orange gives excitement and energy.

Look at what you're wearing. Does the color combination match? Is it too bright, subdued or contrasting? It's all right to have one article of clothing to stand out because of its color, but it can be very irritating and dizzying if you wear super bright colors from top to bottom.


4th Rule: Don't show off too much skin

Hot and humid weather doesn't mean you have to dress unsuitably. You're going to the office and not at the beach (not unless you're a lifeguard or something like that). As a general rule, most clothing such as the following are prohibited at the office:
  1. Flip-flops
  2. Clothes that show excessive cleavage
  3. Clothes that has a plunging neckline
  4. Spaghetti straps
  5. Tube tops or tank tops
  6. Strapless dresses, very short skirts or shorts
  7. See through dresses
  8. Exposed midriffs
  9. Clothes that you can see lingerie underneath

Wear a sweater, a cardigan or a jacket underneath your clothes that are revealing too much of your skin if ever you don't have a choice to wear them. You can put in a scarf too if you want to be unique.


5th Rule: Does it look good on you?

Wearing clothes should accentuate your best features. Each piece of clothing you have must make you look and feel great, inside and out. You can also add in an accessory such as a Louis Vuitton phone case to highlight it more.


6th Rule: Is there balance?

You can still add a wild clothing item such as printed jeans, you just need to balance it with other items to tone it down a bit. The patterns, style color and other things you might consider in an outfit should look harmonious and balance each other.


7th Rule: Is it too shabby-looking?

Distressed jeans are the styles of clothing that can look like you're pitiable. Anything strained, worn-out, torn, ripped off or others can give others the impression that you don't care about what others think of you, that you're lazy or you just don't care.


8th Rule: What does it say about my style?

The clothes you wear represent you. If you're wearing pajamas to work, chances are, people will think that you are always sleeping or you're lazy. If you have a piece of clothing that has offensive images or words, it gives out a negative feedback towards others. Make sure your clothes speak about you.


First impressions last. If you want others to notice you, it's by the way you dress. Ask yourself if the people surrounding you will always give off good vibes to people you meet. And one of the ways to do that is to dress exactly the way that they want. This will strongly affect the way others will treat you later on.


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