Saint Laurent Zoe Bag in Red Leather

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Ladies, let’s get something straight! There are some scenarios where it’s totally unacceptable to settle, you know that, right? You should never settle for a man who treats you wrong, a job that you dislike, and a simple and boring bag. Those are three situations in which you should never lower your standards and just accept the situation as is. For the first two scenarios, we’re sure that you know why you can’t settle. However, for the third one you might still have some doubts. And we’re here to make those doubts disappear!

More often than not, ladies forget how important it is to carry a nice, stylish bag. It might be because of their tiny dimensions and they might seem as easily neglectable. But, it’s quite the opposite! A bag can have some serious effects on the overall outfit. For instance, a pretty outfit, nicely-put together, will look awful if you mismatch the bag you choose to carry with it. And, on the other hand, a simple, casual outfit can look awesome and really glamorous with a nice bag combined with it.

That’s why we shouldn’t ever pick up the first bag we stumble upon. In fact, there are numerous factors that should be taken into consideration before deciding which bag we should take with us. But we must note that choosing a bag doesn’t have to be tough. If you own a bag that’s super stylish and durable, you’ll be able to match it with almost any outfit. Wondering where to find a bag like that? Right here - it’s Saint Laurent Zoe bag.

This one is a work of art, ladies, and it’s worth every penny. We guarantee that if you end up buying this bag, you won’t be able to get that smile off of your face!


Product Details

The Zoe bag in lush and rich red color will really  make your outfit pop! You should know that a bag says a lot about one’s personality and this bag will say that you are a women of great taste, classic style and a glamorous touch.

The red leather and gold-tone chains will make you stand out from the crowd as a bold woman. It will show your courage to be different and a strong sense of fashion! The Zoe bag has an embossed Saint Laurent sign and two central compartments, giving you plenty of room for your personal belongings. Also, it has a removable mirror that will be super useful when you want to check your makeup. Finally, the studs and chain on this red bag are what makes it even more interesting and stylish.

All in all, the Zoe bag is a great buy and it will make you smile whenever it catches your eye.



W25 x H16 x D8.5 (cm)

W9.8 x H6.3 x D3.4 (inch)

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