YSL Toy West Hollywood Bag in Silver Metallic Leather

YSL Toy West Hollywood Bag in Silver Metallic Leather

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YSL brand is made by one of the most extraordinary people who have ever lived on the planet Earth. The YSL Toy West Hollywood Bag in Silver Metallic Leather is another evidence of that! As such this bag is something else, something that cannot be seen or felt anywhere else. And yes, this bag is available for all of you, but won’t be on the market for a long period of time!

First of all, this Toy West Hollywood bag is extremely modern and designed for women who want to stay in trend and to meet the latest fashion requirements. As such, the bag offers extraordinary quality, even more appealing design and it is suitable for every single occasion you may have in mind.

The main element here is the leather and the look. The metallic leather has been chosen in order to provide the appealing effect on the future owners and to meet their requirements as soon as possible. Let’s just add that there is no similar bag on the market, nor there will ever be!

You will also appreciate the silver-color metal hardware. It matches the bag perfectly and it creates an appealing union of the materials. In other words, this combination makes the entire bag look linear or unified. And yes, the magnetic closure is available as well. It makes usage simple and desirable. Basically, you will want to open the bag at any given moment, just to click the opening and closing sound.

Adjustable shoulder strap and 4 credit card slots are available as well. They make the bag practical and convenient for multiple occasions. In other terms, this YSL Toy West Hollywood Bag in silver metallic leather is a bag you must have if you are fashion addict and if you want to own something special.



W19 x H10 x D4.5 (cm)

W7.5 x H3.9 x D1.8 (inch)

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