Saint Laurent Mini City leather-trimmed printed canvas backpack

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Some of you will know that Saint Laurent opened the first boutique back in 1966 in Paris and it was a very successful place. The Saint Laurent Mini City leather-trimmed printed canvas backpack brings back nice memories related to that particular period. It is like something that comes from the past but offers only the modern elements.

First of all, the backpack is elegant and simple. It comes in beige color and without too many useless elements. Basically, you get a backpack and a lot of space inside. We liked the color and the saying at the back of it. Chances are high that you will like the same things too.

Now, for the safety of your items, a high-quality zipper which is available all around the bag will be responsible. It is easy to use and it is highly durable, meaning that you can wear this backpack for decades and it will still stay fully operational. After all, Saint Laurent accessories are known for the ultimate quality.

There is no need in telling you that the space inside is massive and you will have plenty of it for all you are going to need. It is well-divided and you have a lot of useful compartments. Carrying smartphones, accessories wallets and etc. is all possible and easier than ever before.

The Saint Laurent Mini City leather-trimmed printed canvas backpack is primarily developed for those who will travel during weekends and those who want to carry all relevant things with them all the time. But, thanks to the simplicity, it can be a regular backpack which will assist you at all times. It is up to you and you must know that this backpack will be responsible for a lot of positive comments.



W30 x H38 x D15 (cm)

W11.8 x H15 x D5.9 (inch)

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