Saint Laurent Baby Monogram Downtown Cabas Bag in Wine Red Calfskin and Suede

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One of the oldest and probably the most traditional/modern bag is the Saint Laurent Baby Monogram Downtown Cabas Bag. There are no words which can be used to define and explain the bag in detail. It is simply one of a kind. Two types of people will be interested in this model. Those who hate it and those who love it, but the second type will probably have more members.

Despite the fact this bag was designed 10 years ago, it has been improved and changed so many times. The original design is still visible, but the general picture is completely different.

The side wings are visible at the first sight and they are the most important element of this model. They look nice and they make the entire bag look even more desirable if that is possible. In addition, the side wings can be expanded, so the bag will provide even more space.

Removable strap is obviously available. It is made from calfskin leather, the same material as the bag is made from. All of this means that the quality and durability shouldn’t be taken into question.

Double zip top and the buckle are here for the safety of owner’s belongings. Gold hardware is vintage and it is the main thing which makes this bag traditional. Additionally, the manufacturer implemented interior pocket. It is small and convenient, but it can be more than just useful.

The dimensions of W11.8 x H8.7 x D4.7 inches made this unit suitable for everyday use. It is just great for business women or for those who are constantly on the move. The stretchable design will make sure there is always plenty of space inside and all of the belongings are kept as safe as possible.

Nevertheless, none of the essence, of the tradition or vintage design the bag should provide hasn’t been compromised. It is still a desirable and interesting bag, with modern features and additions which simply made it suitable for the 21st century. As any other model, the massive logo is visible from any angle and it adds value.


W30 x H22 x D12 (cm)

W11.8 x H8.7 x D4.7 (inch)

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