Prada Plex Ribbon Bag Pink with Black

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Prada Plex Ribbon Bag is definitely one of those bags which is going to be rare today and in the near future, it will be even rarer. This isn’t an ordinary bag nor does it have similarities to any other bag on the market available today. The end result is exclusivity which is something you may want. In addition, the bag is so interesting and nice to look at, so it is probably going to be the most desirable item most of the people will ever want to have.

Obviously, the first thing each person sees is the large, too long strap. It is developed and implemented in order to make the bag so appealing and unique. Also, it affects the practicality and makes it more interesting to some individuals. But here, the attention should be in details!

Calf leather is the main material here. Metal pieces are made from steel and they are beautifully decorated. Plexiglas clasp should be mentioned. It looks interesting and like the perfect addition to the bag. A shoulder strap is available for better practicality. Cross body carrying is an actually preferable way to carry this bag. It looks sexy.

Inside the bag, one, the massive pocket is all what you get. It is large enough to accommodate the belongings most individuals require during a day or night. The lining is tough and resistant to the wearing and tear. Overall, this bag is practical, easy to carry and keeps all owner’s belongings within reach at any given moment.

Prada logo lining has been all-new so now it offers a nice touch to the overall design of a bag. Most of the potential owners will like it, alongside the shoulder strap and the vivid color.

The extra-long strap and the pink, bright color are the main advantages the bag has to offer. In essence, it is focused on fashion statement and useful as an elegant way to be noticed. Of course, it looks sexy with any outfit you may wear at the moment.

It is rare, it is sexy, it is Prada bag!



W20 x H13 x D6 (cm)

W7.9 x H5.1 x D2.4 (inch)

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