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Louis Vuitton follows so many different trends, but one of the most appealing ones is the hobo trend which we had an opportunity to see. Now, we have one a bit different bag in mind. It is called the Triangle Softy and it is based on Nicolas Ghesquiere’s quest for classic and original Paris in the light of fashion.

The bag is elegant and designed specifically to become a new, fashion statement. This is a member of spring summer 2017 collection.

Here we have a classic monogram canvas which looks better than ever. Then we have elements made from reverse canvas, edges reinforced with traditional black leather and golden studs. Still, the main element of the bag is the handle, which is braided and elegant, but at the same time strong and feels nice to touch. Golden hardware is present as well. It gives the classic, yet a modern factor.

A double-sized construction is modern and sophisticated in the lack of a better word. We have a zipper on a side and another on the top. The one located on a side is safe, so it isn’t extremely practical. Nevertheless, this compartment is developed for smaller belongings which must be kept close to you at all times.

A LV logo zip puller is something special. It makes the entire bag look more appealing than any other, available at the moment, yet it makes a zipper more practical. At Louis Vuitton, they call this type of design win-win.

All of this means that Nicolas Ghesquiere made a right decision designing and inspiring the development of this bag. A body-friendly design, paired with the latest technology and double-construction have made the Triangle Softy like no other bag you can own today.

What to love about the bag? First of all, it is strong and well-made, but it is elegant and suitable for all situations. On one side it will look superb on high-end parties, but on another side, it will feel like an ordinary, everyday bag. You can carry it anywhere you go. A unique blend of Paris elegance and modern-day requirements are implemented perfectly into the pure essence of the bag in question.

With dimensions of 16.5 x 12.2 x 6.3 inches, even women who must carry an item extra won’t need additional space. Even when filled with all essentials, the bag won’t feel massive or heavy.



W42 x H31 x D16 (cm)

W16.5 x H12.2 x D6.3 (inch)

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