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Modern women need a bag that will be a just a perfect travel companion. If you are one of them, you will find Louis Vuitton Trompe L'oeil Screen Monogram Canvas Toiletry Pouch just right. This bag is made of high-quality canvas, it has a lining which can be washed in a washing machine and it features a wide opening.

The main advantage is the Trompe L'oeil design. It is actually an art direction which was popular in France and it means that an artist will paint and try to create a 3D impression. All bags with this art direction look phenomenal and unique.

The toiletry pouch is made to match the Trunk Summer 2018, which includes accessories, shoes and other fashion statements all designed in the same style. For you, this means that you can match the bag with plenty of additional accessories and can get the look perfect.

Other advantages of the bag we can mention include a cowhide leather and simple design. The toiletry pouch is made to be as practical as possible and to be convenient for all of you.

The space inside is massive considering the size of the toiletry pouch. It is sufficient for all your items, belongings and so much more. Furthermore, you won’t need another bag when you have this one. We especially liked the aforementioned wide opening, which allows for you to insert almost anything inside the pouch. It is also an advantage when you are considering how you will pull the item out.

The Louis Vuitton Trompe L'oeil Screen Monogram Canvas Toiletry Pouch is one of a kind accessory of this kind and it is more than just ideal for all women who travel frequently. But, it is also a great choice if you only want to look sexy and special.



W25 x H20 x D6 (cm)

W9.8 x H7.9 x D2.4 (inch)

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