Louis Vuitton Transformed Monogram Canvas Micro Boite Chapeau M63596

Louis Vuitton Transformed Monogram Canvas Micro Boite Chapeau M63596

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Becoming a trendsetter is no easy task, especially since fashion has been rapidly changing ever since bags became essentials. Yet every once in a while, a fashion brand creates a bag that breaks all the rules; a bag that makes everyone wonder how to pair it with the right shoes and whether it’s suitable enough for every occasion. One such bag is the LV Micro Boite Chapeau, their Fall/Winter 2018 masterpiece!

At first glance, this bag seems tiny. In fact, you could easily use it as a charm for your regular bag. However, when it comes to its features, it offers more than meets the eye.

Sporting the famous Transformed Monogram canvas, this bag gives off some steampunk vibes. It’s even complemented with a calf leather trim. Furthermore, its exterior reminds us of the trunks people used to use in the past; it has the silver-colored hardware, that worn-out look and the mixture of both the old and the new. 

However, its design is what makes it unique and a cut above all other bags. It resembles the classic hat box that was once a must-have for every French woman who wanted to keep her headpieces in top-notch condition. But unlike that bag, this one is a micro version. Thus, it’s suitable for carrying money and playing the role of a not-so-ordinary wallet!

The interior of this bag can provide you with more than enough space for your credit cards and money. With one gusseted compartment and a zip closure, it is a perfect wallet that could even fit into oversized clutches. However, if you have an outfit that needs a tiny bag, look no further — this one won’t disappoint you! Everyday use is not a problem for this bag either; you can easily attach it to your belt with the chain and hook. That way, you’ll always have some money on you.

The LV Micro Boite is versatile, practical, and above all, able to protect your belongings. What’s more, it will ensure even the inside of your regular bag is as trendy as you!



W11 x H9.5 x D2 (cm)

W4.3 x H3.7 x D0.8 (inch)

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