Louis Vuitton Transformed Monogram Canvas Duffle Bag M52276

Louis Vuitton Transformed Monogram Canvas Duffle Bag M52276

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Nowadays, if you’re not making a fashion statement with everything you decide to wear, then how will you ever fulfill your stylish dreams? It can be quite tricky, indeed, but that’s what bags are for. They can easily make or break your outfit in a second. Luckily, the former is what makes this LV duffle bag in transformed Monogram Canvas unique in the fashion world; it can make your outfit look that much more expensive and better than anything else you have in your closet!

Now, duffle bags have always been in the spotlight. In fact, even our mothers loved them back in the 80s and 90s. However, times have changed. Even though those classic duffle bags are still sought-after, you have to move on to a modified version that has a lot more to give you!

No matter the time, this bag will be your close companion. Suitable for all occasions and most colors, it will add that X factor to your outfit and make you attract looks wherever you go. Furthermore, it’s not just a looker — it also offers a lot in terms of space and safety!

The S-lock clasp on the top of the bag will keep all your essentials safe. Meanwhile, you can choose one of two ways to carry the bag. For those who prefer to have it within reach, they can use the exquisite leather handle. However, if you want to make sure everyone gets a good look of the bag, then there’s a solution. Just attach the leather strap the bag comes with and prepare to dazzle the world!

Just like many other LV bags, this one is made from calf leather. It also sports the Monogram canvas that makes LV the leader in the world of accessories. But what’s even more important is that it features silver-colored hardware, buckled straps, gold-toned studs and enough space inside to fit your wallet, phone, charger, planner — even a bottle of water! Now that’s a bag that keeps on giving! You’ll never have to reach for anything else if you need to pack more stuff!

Who says only small bags are popular today? The duffle bag is coming back in style, and you will be its most stylish owner!



W14 x H14 x D22 (cm)

W5.5 x H5.5 x D8.7 (inch)

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