Louis Vuitton Monogram World Tour Petit Noe M43233

Louis Vuitton Monogram World Tour Petit Noe M43233

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If you like or want to own a Louis Vuitton bag, it means that you have style, knowledge about fashion and you want to be noticed in the society. The name of the brand has been commonly associated with kings, queens and later with fashion models.

Here we have a Louis Vuitton Monogram World Tour Petit Noe M43233, a bag which offers the latest design and unique features. A man behind this is Nicholas Ghesquiere, a famous designer, who incorporated his travels around the globe into his bags, including this one here.

Petit Noe bag comes with an appealing design, improved by travel-related stickers. As such, it will probably be the best choice for all of you who want to have a bag while traveling or to bring it home once they return. A bucket design also, makes it practical, meaning that there is plenty of space inside for accessories and belongings. Adding a shoulder strap makes it even more practical than you would expect.

The main material is cowhide leather. At the bottom, we have additional reinforcements, in order to provide better strength and improve the durability. Of course, all other elements are made from high-quality materials. Even the metal pieces are extremely durable and won’t lose shine nor hue over a long period of time.

Adding well-known signature and adjustable strap makes this bag superb and the best alternative for all women who want a mixture of practicality and looks.



W25 x H27 x D20 (cm)

W9.8 x H10.6 x D7.9 (inch)

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