Louis Vuitton Monogram Titanium Pochette Cosmos M63240

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Sometimes a bag is not just a bag. Sometimes a bag is a statement, a reflection of our own character, an extension of our own “personal” brand. That sort of effect is what you can expect from this space-themed Titanium Pochette Cosmos clutch by Louis Vuitton. You can expect that it becomes a part of you as soon as you first use it.

Made from rich gray Monogram Titanium canvas, this clutch will certainly be a fantastic addition to your closet. Its design is both simplistic and exquisite at the same time. It seems just like a regular clutch, but it’s more than that — it is a statement piece every man needs and wants.

The canvas itself is durable and strengthened with titanium-colored hardware. Furthermore, the clutch is spacious enough for all your everyday essentials, yet not too bulky for you to carry it to a social event. In addition, the interior has a high-quality textile lining that will certainly stay in one piece for a very long time and make sure all your belongings don’t get lost somewhere deep in the bag.

As far as the compartments go, the Titanium Pochette Cosmos is a force to be reckoned with. Since its dimensions are not that small, you can bet that you can fit a lot of stuff inside. But there’s no use in having lots of space without any compartments. That’s why Louis Vuitton has complemented the design with one zippered outside pocket and a flat inside pocket. Thus, you can easily store your keys inside the interior pocket and never worry about losing them again. Or you can keep your phone in the exterior pocket and always have it within reach.

The possibilities are practically endless with this clutch, but one thing's for sure — its design is long-lasting and suitable for all sorts of occasions. Therefore, if you need just one clutch, choosing this one will prove to be the best decision of your life!


  • Cowhide leather trim
  • Monogram Titanium canvas in Gray
  • Textile lining
  • A zippered outside pocket and a flat interior pocket
  • Titanium-colored hardware


W35.5 x H25 x D7.5 (cm)

W14 x H9.8 x D3.0 (inch)

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