Louis Vuitton Monogram Savane Pochette Voyage MM M66639

Louis Vuitton Monogram Savane Pochette Voyage MM M66639

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Louis Vuitton Monogram Savane Pochette Voyage MM M66639 looks like no other and it actually was the main purpose of the designers. They claim that this item is made to resemble creations of LV, Kim Jones, and even Chapman Brother, all in one accessory. We actually agree on that and we must add that the looks is probably the main advantage, at least one of them.

The Pochette has a wide opening and slim design, used to allow you to get plenty of space inside, but not to compromise the space you need to store the Pochette. Ideal when you wear light clothes and want to relax, without having to worry about the space.

Monogram is different. Most of you won’t believe that due to the fact LV monogram has been unchanged for decades or let’s just say centuries. In this case, you get a monogram which is outlined, instead of solid. We must add that it really looks interesting and probably more elegant than the original monogram.

Metallic pieces are different as well. They are in silver color, rather than famous gold. LV claims that this choice has been made in order to make an item discrete. It actually works.

Flat zipper is durable and it will be able to last forever. In addition, all zippers implemented in Louis Vuitton bags and accessories are pre-tested in order to make sure they can withstand tough usages.

Inside, you get several slots, 6 of them in fact. Each one is designed to be used for a credit card, but they are expandable, so they can be used for other belongings as well.

The bottom line is that you will get a fashion statement that looks like no other and at the same time makes the practicality better. You will get plenty of space, and you will look elegant.



W26 x H20 x D5 (cm)

W10.2 x H7.9 x D2 (inch)

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