Louis Vuitton Monogram Macassar Canvas Toilet Pouch GM M47506

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The Parisian brand has a history of over 150 years and is world known for the exclusivist, luxurious and highly qualitative products delivered. From luxury leather goods to the infamous monogram canvas bags and accessories, clothing line, jewelries and perfumes, the Louis Vuitton conglomerate is one of today’s largest companies in the world with revenues worth more than 10 billion USD.

The luxurious goods are sold in over 3,700 official stores worldwide and although the prices are not extremely accessible, the Louis Vuitton brand has become synonyms with luxury, style and quality. Its products are dreamt and written on wish lists by millions of people from the entire world. And although a bag can end up costing several thousands of USD, there are other accessories which are rather more accessible for women who are in love with the famous monogram print.

For women who want to showcase luxury and opulence, there is no better way to do so than wearing a monogram canvas toilet pouch to store all your favorite cosmetic and lady-like products.

The toilet pouch GM is perfect for long or short time travels and it is ideally matched with the monogram century-famous Louis Vuitton suit cases or luggage pieces. This toilet pouch comes in a monogram Macassar canvas print with a vertical zip opening for easily storing all necessary makeup and beauty products.

The shiny silver brass metallic pieces complete the luxurious look of this cosmetic bag while the coated canvas lining is fully and safely washable so that you can always have a toilet pouch free of foundation, mascara and lip gloss stains.

Last but not least the Louis Vuitton toilet pouch also comes equipped with an interior flat pocket featuring two separate compartments to fully organize your beauty routine easier. You can store your daily creams and serums on one compartment and use the other one strictly for makeup products from your favorite brands.



W26 x H17 x D7 (cm)

10.2 x H6.7 x D2.8 (inch)

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