Louis Vuitton Monogram Eclipse Apollo Backpack M43408

Louis Vuitton Monogram Eclipse Apollo Backpack M43408

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In the lack of a better word, we can say that all Louis Vuitton backpacks are special. The Louis Vuitton Monogram Eclipse Apollo Backpack is one of the newest models that prove the claim. The bag was released in 2017 and it has a body-friendly design, modern features and one of a kind hardware. It also has reflective trim, so it is far from an ordinary backpack.

The most appealing touch here is the hardware. It is Ruthenium-colored so it looks special and it makes the entire backpack look special as well. You are going to love the overall effect this metal offers. Then we have the cowhide leather trip and plenty of compartments.

Zip closure is added, obviously and it will make sure all the items are safe at all times. Then we must add the fact inside you have 2 compartments for many belongings you will want to carry. At the front, you also have a zipper pocket for smaller items. In addition, this model comes with a compartment specifically designed for iPads. And yes, you also get front pockets with magnetic closure for additional items. In a nutshell, this backpack has it all and you can carry anything you will ever want.

We can see two adjustable straps that can be used by all users and they are comfortable, so you will enjoy carrying the backpack with you. The last, but not least, the D-ring has been added to the equation and it is special as well.

The bottom line is that the Louis Vuitton Monogram Eclipse Apollo Backpack has it all. It looks special, it has been designed and made to look like one of a kind unit and it offers more space than you will actually need. All of this comes with a signature of Louis Vuitton and a supreme quality.



W30 x H40 x D20 (cm)

W11.8 x H15.8 x D7.9 (inch)

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