Louis Vuitton Monogram Column Clutch M44101

Louis Vuitton Monogram Column Clutch M44101

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Louis Vuitton gives away plenty of the latest bags and accessories before they even reach runways across the planet. Only celebrities, bloggers, and well-known designers can get one, so you will have a hard time getting on the list. For most of you, purchasing one is the best and the most likely solution to own a beautiful piece of design.

From the ultimate designing methods, even better construction and perfection methods, to the perfect looks every single time, all LV bags are extraordinary. Here we have one bag that shares the same advantage. In question is the Louis Vuitton Monogram Column Clutch M44101, a bag that must be taken into consideration.

First and foremost, it is made to be seen anywhere you are at that particular moment. It can be worn cross-body, over the shoulder or you can remove the strap and carry it in any other way. In any case, you get a room for all your valuable belongings, which will be protected and look even better once you pull them out from the bag.

On the back, you get a pocket, which is essential for everyday usages. Inside, besides plenty of space, you get a pocket secured with LV zipper. S-lock mechanism is included as well. It makes using the bag even more special if that is possible.

All metal pieces are decorated with enamel and all of them are in golden or silver colors. This combination was reserved for the ultimate LV bags.

The dimensions are 9.8x5.1x1.6 inches, meaning that you get a small bag which actually has space for all, essential items. It is lightweight as well, so holding it in your hands through the night is actually a pleasant thing to do. Microfiber lining and calfskin are well-known elements of the bag.



W25 x H13 x D4 (cm)

W9.8 x H5.1 x D1.6 (inch)

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