Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Clemence Wallet M64201

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There is something special in all the wallets made by Louis Vuitton. This one here is even more different than any other. At the beginning, we will mention the fact that the wallet is elegant, thin and beautifully made. The attention to details is astonishing and probably better than any other wallet on the market has to offer.

But, this wallet isn’t all about elegance and style. It is practical and convenient as well. You won’t have problems carrying it in a single hand. On the other hand, it offers more space than you actually need, so you don’t have to carry another wallet or a bag.

The wallet is 0.6 inches thick and it is made from coated canvas and grained leather (trimmings). All of this makes it look extra-tough but soft at the same time.

There is another, different matter with this wallet. It comes with a zipper rather than some other closure alternative, which makes it safer to use. The same passion has been invested in the card slots inside a wallet. They are extra-tight, so your cards will stay safe at all times. You don’t have to worry about losing them. Of course, there is enough space for your currencies and for notes and bills which will be protected in the wallet alongside your credit cards. But, because it has a bit different interior than other wallets, you will need some time to organize it and to learn where your bills or notes are.

When it comes to direct space facts, we will add that the wallet has 8 card slots, 1 leather pocket, 1 coin pocket, 2 flat pockets and that’s it. As you can see, space for your cash and cards won’t be an issue.

Clemence Wallet is primarily made to be practical, but it is elegant at the same time. Despite the fact the size is standard as other wallets have, this one is a bit different and designed in a different way. All of this makes it desirable and practical, perfect for women who have a need for these requirements.

We will also mention that the wallet is extra-tough, regardless of the fact it feels soft. You can carry it in a bag and there won’t be any traces of use even after a long period of time. The bottom line is that we have a wallet which is especially practical and stylish.



W19 x H9 (cm)

W7.5 x H3.5 (inch)

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