Louis Vuitton Love Note Red M54501

Louis Vuitton Love Note Red M54501

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Louis Vuitton Love Note Red is made to be one of a kind and to stand out from the sea of other products.

The name Love Note isn’t just chosen due to the fact it sounds nice. A more important reason was the actual design of a bag, which looks like an envelope. Paired with red leather, the color of passion, it isn’t difficult to imagine why this bag is linked to love letters. In essence, it will make you feel like you just got a love letter from a loved one! Not a single, another bag on the market can do the same thing.

LV lock closure is present as well. Besides the simplicity and the safety it provides, it also makes the entire bag looks different and special. The shoulder strap is fully removable and made to match the look of the bag. You can carry it over a shoulder or in hands, it is up to you.

Chain, which is inspired by nautical products is there to make the bag stronger while carrying, but also to assist you when you are wearing it. Thanks to this, tiny detail, the bag will look just right on a yacht.

The dimensions are 10.4 (W) and 5.9 (H), so it isn’t exactly the smallest bag on the market. However, it has a large pocket inside which made it practical and convenient. Let’s just say that you won’t need more space when carrying the bag.



W26.5 x H15 x D6.5 (cm)

W10.4 x H5.9 x D2.6 (inch)

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