Louis Vuitton Lockmeto Pink M54572

Louis Vuitton Lockmeto Pink M54572

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Louis Vuitton Lockmeto is commonly known as a bag where owners can lock their heart. It isn’t difficult to understand why, if you take a look at the shape, design and obviously the color of the bag. We liked it a lot and we can only say that this bag means perfection.

It isn’t all about the looks though! The Louis Vuitton Lockmeto bag is made to be practical and convenient while making you look extraordinary. The bright color is here to help you be noticed, but the real pleasure is inside a bag. There are 3 compartments inside it. All of them are large enough to accommodate your makeup, your belongings, and items you will definitely need during the day or night. 2 pockets for smartphones have been implemented as well. Now the bag can be used by business women, who have a need to carry 2 smartphones. Your smaller and more delicate items can be secured in a zip pocket.

Two handles are added to allow you carrying the bag as you want, over the elbow or in hands. Just in case, Louis Vuitton will give you a shoulder strap, which can be removed if you don’t need it. The bag and the strap are made from calf leather, soft and reliable. It is up to you, but carrying the bag on its handles will truly make a difference and make you look like a business woman. On the other hand, a shoulder strap is ideal when you want to look desirable and sexy.

LV lock, a twist-lock closure to be more precise is a standard element of the bag as well. As you can assume, it is safe and reliable, but it also makes the entire bag more appealing.

Overall, the Louis Vuitton Lockmeto Pink bag is a feminine-booster and on the other side a practical item for any purpose you may have in mind.



W30 x H25 x D12 (cm)

W11.8 x H9.8 x D4.7 (inch)

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