Louis Vuitton Dark Infinity Leather Pocket Organizer M63251

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The Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter men’s fashion show for 2018/19 has given us an array of fashionable statement pieces for men. However, one can certainly argue that this Dark Infinity leather pocket organizer is a piece that will certainly draw the attention of LV lovers for years to come.

Its whole charm relies on the fact that it offers the user a high level of practicality and usefulness. With five pockets on the inside and three convenient credit card slots, this pocket organizer serves as a compact organizing tool for men all over the world. What’s more, it comes in a rich black color and is made of calf leather. As such, it is a durable statement piece that can easily fit into any pocket and serve men every day.

What’s especially interesting about this particular model is that it comes with an embossed Louis Vuitton signature. Therefore, no one will ever wonder where you got it — the organizer itself tells a fantastic story. Moreover, its size is tiny and suitable for all sorts of trousers, coats, and jackets with small to medium-sized pockets. In essence, it is a piece that will keep your belongings safe and sound wherever you go and whatever you do. What’s more, it will add to your look and complement every outfit, not to mention keep your fashion style classy and sophisticated.

Men don’t have to carry their credit cards in pouches or just in their pockets. With the Louis Vuitton Dark Infinity leather pocket organizer, having everything in one place is no longer a dream — it is a reality any man can finally live out.


  • Cowhide leather lining
  • Black calf leather (Dark Infinity)
  • Three credit card slots
  • An outside pocket
  • Five inside pockets


W11 x H7.5 (cm)

W4.3 x H3 (inch)

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