Louis Vuitton Bumbag in Epi Leather and Damier Graphite M51464

Louis Vuitton Bumbag in Epi Leather and Damier Graphite M51464

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A style that’s dominating and ruling the fashion scene these days are bum bags! As it usually happens with the forgotten trends, this one was brought back to life by the runway models. Bum bags belong to one of the 90s favorite fashion trends. At that time, bum bags were everywhere and everyone was wearing them. They can be worn with a casual outfit but there are ways to make them a part of really glam ones, too!

It’s interesting how carrying a fanny pack in the 90s was limited to casual and sporty style. Now, however, this very fanny pack (or waist bag) is called a bum bag and has gone through a major high-end makeover.

We were extremely happy to see this piece make its way back to the “trendy” zone. First of all, it’s quite handy. You have it as part of your belt, around your waist, so you don’t really have to worry about leaving it behind. Also, as you must know already, some strap bags tend to come off of your shoulder in a split second, making you walk funny and stiff. Well, with a bum bag, that won’t be a problem anymore. Finally, bum bags are really fun! They are versatile, highly-functional and stylish. Is there anything more you could ask for?

And, for those who can’t make up their minds about which bum bag they would like to have, we suggest the Louis Vuitton with Epi leather and Damier graphite canvas on it. This bum bag will surely make you feel good about your style and taste. So, read on to find out the details of this bum bag!


Product Details

The Louis Vuitton bum bag showcases a combination of the house’s colorful signature EPI leather and the Damier Graphite canvas in a fun and playful patchwork pattern. With this accessory you will have a perfect addition to almost any look. And, on top of that, you will be surprised by its functionality. This bum bag will help you keep your personal belongings at hand at all times. The bum bag has a zippered closure and a silver metal buckle fastener, too.

All in all, this bag is going to be a great purchase that you simply can’t regret! It’s made out of highly-durable materials and it’s really stylish and chic, too! So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get your own Louis Vuitton bum bag now!



W23 x H16 x D3 (cm)

W9.1 x H6.3 x D1.2 (inch)

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