Gucci Small Lilith Leather Top Handle Bag White

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In 1947, one of the best-known and the most impressive creations of Gucci was the famous Bamboo bag. Obviously, it featured the bamboo handle, which is the next best thing. Nowadays, these bags and these handles are so rare that they are almost forgotten. Better said, they were until Small Lilith Leather Top Handle Bag appeared.

The main and literally the element which will make the Small Lilith Leather Top Handle Bag so impressive is the handle. It is made to look like the one from the 40s, so all of you, classic addicts will appreciate it.

Then we have the red and blue and white trim, made from snakeskin. It goes all around the upper folding part and it is similar to bags which had it back in the 50s or 60s. The snakeskin looks amazing and it is one of those elements which can make a real difference.

According to a myth, Lilith was the first wife of Adam! She was betrayed by a snake and she became a demon later wards. The name has been chosen due to this, specific mythology.

Owners will also get two shoulder straps. The first one is detachable and can be easily removed and stored. The second one isn’t, but it is fully adjustable. Carrying the bag on or over the shoulder is all possible. Straps feature the same direction and the same materials as the rest of a bag.

Kingsnake head push lock mechanism is reserved for the best of the best Gucci bags. This already tells you a lot, because it is implemented into the Lilith Leather Top Handle Bag. The main advantages include safety and a better practicality.

The White bag here will stand out from the crowd and help you do the same. Yes, it is completely original and one of a kind model.



W26.5 x H24 x D8.5 (cm)

W10.4 x H9.5 x D3.4 (inch)

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