Gucci Queen Margaret Quilted Leather Backpack Red Pink

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The Queen Margaret Quilted Leather Backpack bag is originated in the 70s, which can be seen according to its design and the set of colors. Nevertheless, this is just the tip of an iceberg. In addition, the bag has plenty of other advantages to offer.

Vivid colors are a great base for this type of look. Must add the original color of the bag is black, or better said it is made from black leather. The metal buckle at the front end cannot be mistaken and it actually comes from the 70s as well. Additionally, you will want to know that crystals and pieces of decorative glass were important in the 70s. The bag includes both of them.

Embossed LOVED is something that makes the perfect present for your loved one and a perfect gift to receive from him! A metal bee which we already mentioned make the entire result even more appealing.

In the bag, there is one, large compartment and one, a smaller pocket for smaller items. Obviously, space for smartphones is guaranteed and it won’t occupy the space needed for other items and belongings.

Other, main elements include a bamboo handle, long shoulder strap, micro lining finish and the mentioned bee, metal piece. Still, we appreciate the crystals and their role in all of this.

So, at the end, we should repeat that the bag here is different. Yes, it looks like it was made in the 70s and looks like it was made for the most demanding women, but at the end of a day, it will take your breath away!



W26 x H23 x D11 (cm)

W10.2 x H9.1 x D4.3 (inch)

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