Gucci Print Black leather card case

Gucci Print Black leather card case

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Cards are more and more popular as we speak. They are something every single person has and something every person must use. That’s why it is perfectly known why so many fashion houses are developing new and modern card cases which are now treated as fashion accessories. One of the best ones is the Gucci Print Black leather card case. It is something you will want to own if you use cards, so basically you will need it.

This card case is modern, made from black leather and it looks perfect. You are going to notice the design and the attention to the details which is at the highest level possible. Of course, only the best leather has been used, so the durability and the overall quality are impressive no less.

Inside you get space. There are three compartments which will host all your cards easily. Then we have the zipper closure which is the main characteristic of the card case. It makes your cards safe and will keep them secure at all times. We must add that the zipper is a high-end unit which will last for years without an issue. As a matter of fact, all Gucci products come with superb zippers, which last.

Besides the space and the looks, you also get a retro advantage. We say advantage due to the fact it refers to the Gucci logo from the 80s. It is rare to have this logo nowadays, so it is definitely an advantage.

Overall, this card case is a popular model which will be more than just desirable among all owners who are looking for stylish and retro fashion accessories. It is something that will put a smile on your face every single time when you open it to get out a card.



W12.5 x H8 (cm)

W4.9 x H3.2 (inch)

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