Gucci Ottilia small top handle tote bag Cream

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You may know that Gucci was obsessed with bugs and as such, we have a lot of creations coming from this house that are related to bugs, butterflies, and beetles. The Gucci Ottilia small top handle tote Cream bag is one of them and it is already popular on the market, thanks to impressive originality and state of the art development techniques.

First things first, the leather. It is a high-quality, Italian leather of the specific quality added to this bag in order to make it worthy of the name and style it must share. There are beetle elements added to the bag. All of them are made out of solid metals and they are strongly implemented into the leather. The main beetle you can see is also decorated with crystals, so it is going to pop up during the daylight or at night when you are carrying the bag with you.

The bamboo handle is rare nowadays and it is difficult to pair it with bags or creations perfectly. Well, this is probably the best bag when it comes to bamboo handle ever. It looks solid and one of a kind as a matter of fact. We can add the fact this element makes the bag looks like it came from Indiana Jones movie. And then we have the interior which is loaded with pockets and compartments. Due to the size of the bag, there won’t be any complications with the additional space you are going to need. In addition, you also get a dust bag with this top handle bag.

The Gucci Ottilia small top handle tote bag isn’t something that all of you will live, but those who get their heart pounding when they see it, will have it as soon as possible.



W25 x H15.5 x D9 (cm)

W9.8 x H6.1 x D3.5 (inch)

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