Gucci Nymphaea Leather Top Handle Bag Red

Gucci Nymphaea Leather Top Handle Bag Red

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The Nymphaea Leather Top Handle Bag is based on Nymphaea genus myth from the Latin and Greek history. As such, we can see pearls and silver metal elements at specific points.

The handle is one of a kind and it is already known Bamboo handle which originated in 1932. Besides the fact it looks nice, it is also practical and convenient. Square top and angled sides should be mentioned as well. Combined, they truly make this bag a bit special or better said differently. The same applies to the pearl additions at the sides of a bag.

Of them all, the most interesting difference is in the opening/closure method. There is no magnetic lock nor the zipper. Instead, you get harmonica opening. Pull the bag and it will reveal the content for you, as simple as that.

The main material is leather, a Hibiscus leather to be more precise. The straps are made from nylon and they come in red and blue colors. By the way, a strap can be removed at any moment.

Inside, we have a large compartment, paired with a smaller, zipper secured one. In this combination, the bag offers more space than usual and more than conventional models. Don’t forget that harmonica opening has its advantages as well.

The last, but not least, microfiber lining and suede-like finish are implemented to a bag. Overall, the bag is classic and modern at the same time.



W30 x H20 x D11.5 (cm)

W11.8 x H7.9 x D4.5 (inch)

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