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With a history with over 100 years in the luxury good market, Gucci is certainly one of the most f..
With a history with over 100 years in the luxury good market, Gucci is certainly one of the most f..
Gucci Tian Bamboo Shopper Tote is the new innovation from Gucci.  It is constructed from iconic..
With a history with over 100 years in the luxury good market, Gucci is certainly one of the most f..

Even if she won't admit it to her friends and family, every woman wants a Gucci bag.

It's easy to understand why. A handbag is the most prominent accessory a woman wears; it immediately tells people what they need to know about her personality and her sense of style. Some ladies, as reported by a study published in the Journal of Consumer Research, even carry a luxury purse to show other women that they're in a committed relationship.

Gucci bags send all of those messages loud and clear. A woman who wears Gucci appreciates the brand's trademark combination of Italian craftsmanship and contemporary glamour, she has a definite sense of style, and she has achieved the status that allows her to own a high-end, designer purse.

As most people who've shopped for Gucci handbags are well aware, the privilege of wearing one isn't cheap. You'll pay well over $1,000 just for a Gucci shoulder bag and will have to pay well into five figures for one of the fashion house's most desirable purses. And you'll never see a Gucci bag sale, because the company is wildly successful and doesn't have to hold Christmas or flash sales. You'll always have to pay full price.

That makes this the most important question: how can people without huge bank accounts (or credit limits) even afford one of these prized handbags? The answer is simple: by finding a reputable source for cheap Gucci bags. And the very best source is DFO Handbags.

A Huge Selection of Gucci Bags for Women

Celebrities wearing Gucci have always been a common sight, from Jackie Kennedy Onassis to Sharon Stone to Beyoncé, and the fashion house remains a true arbiter of fashion and style. When the designer released its XL Leather Tote Bag in the fall of 2016, for instance, it was only a matter of days before Madonna was photographed sporting one on the streets of New York.

Classic Gucci handbags, however, are never out of fashion. The Bamboo and the Jackie (originally known as the Constance but renamed after the former First Lady, who wore one regularly throughout the 1960s) immediately come to mind, and they have been reimagined by Gucci for the 21st century. But Marmont and Dionysus purses, GG shopper leather totes and canvas bags are all iconic in their own right and highly sought-after as symbols of elegance and style, while vintage Gucci bags add yet another level of status.

Many of those handbags are not only extremely expensive, but very difficult to obtain; there are waiting lists for some of Gucci's hottest purses. At times, buying a Gucci requires more than just money. It also requires patience.

Shopping at DFO Handbags doesn't require either one. We have nearly all of the most popular Gucci bags on sale and available for immediate purchase. Even better, you won't have to take out a loan or max out your credit card, because DFO specializes in cheap Gucci bags you'd be thrilled to wear to the office, to a cocktail party, or simply to the mall. The impression you'll make would be worth paying full price – but at DFO Handbags, you won't have to.

Gucci Purses From DFO Handbags

The quality and client service you receive from Gucci is legendary.

But when you purchase a luxury Gucci handbag from DFO Handbags you receive all of those benefits, and many more.


We have developed unparalleled manufacturing processes and adhere to the most rigorous manufacturing standards in the industry. When you buy Gucci bags from DFO, you can expect expert design, the very finest materials and handcrafted work by craftsmen who are attentive to every detail – large and small – and quality control to ensure perfect finished products. Our Gucci handbags are works of design art that you'll be proud to wear.

Our prices are low, but our quality is as high as you have a right to expect when buying a Gucci bag.


Unless you shop at one of Gucci's largest stores, you'll often find it impossible to buy the bag your heart has been set on; their smaller stores and other online vendors simply don't have the selection available. At DFO Handbags we maintain a constant inventory of almost all of the most desirable styles, in a wide variety of materials, colors and designs.

Marmont? We have GG Leather Shoulder Bags, GG Leather Top Handle Bags and Small Leather Top Handle Bags, all in the most popular colors. You can choose from Dionysus Leather Top Handle Bags, or Dionysus Blooms Print Supreme or Mini Shoulder Bags. We stock a full line of Rania Top Handle Original GG Canvas Bags in a number of sporty and attractive designs. Bamboo Daily Leather Top Handle Gags and Bamboo Shopper Leather Totes, Bamboo Leather Briefcases and Totes – the list goes on and on.

To put it simply: if it's a popular or classic Gucci bag, you're probably going to find it at DFO.

Client Service

Even though you're paying rock-bottom prices, we still pride ourselves on providing caring client service. We're always available to answer questions you may have before or after your purchase, we provide free repairs for all of the Gucci purses you purchase from DFO, and if you should happen to have any issues with your purchase we will take care of them quickly, professionally and to your satisfaction. We want you to be happy and to be a long-term client.


This is the benefit you won't find anywhere else: DFO sells incredibly cheap Gucci bags. But let's be clear. These aren't the purses you buy from some guy who sells from a blanket spread out on the street and runs away when a police car passes by. His counterfeits will fall apart in a week and aren't even worth the $25 he charges.

The luxury purses we sell at DFO Handbags are the highest quality bags you can find, meticulously designed and assembled to last a lifetime. That's why our Gucci bag sale prices average around $300-$400. That still seems like a lot? Well, compare our prices to those you'll pay at one of the company's stores. There, the Gucci bag sale prices average between $1500 and $4000 apiece.

That means we sell high-end, luxury Gucci purses for 1/5 to 1/10 of their normal prices.

We can't imagine a better reason to buy your Gucci bags from DFO Handbags.

There's no reason to wait. We have Gucci bags on sale at bargain prices right now – and the browsing is absolutely free.