Chanel Blue Python Small Classic Flap Bag

Chanel Blue Python Small Classic Flap Bag

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Many of you have been looking for a new bag that will tell something about your personality. Well, if you are feisty and always get what you want, the Chanel Blue Python Small Classic Flap Bag may be the perfect solution. Let’s just say that it is special and it has been developed for special women.

It is difficult (impossible) to find a similar bag at the moment. This particular model is made of rough and realistic leather, so it looks better than any other bag you may have seen recently. We liked it a lot and so will you.

Let’s begin with the aforementioned leather. It is blue, obviously, but it has been chosen due to unique texture. It literally says ‘’I am rough, like my owner’’.  And then we will see the chain strap which shares the same result as the rest of the bag. In essence, this small bag is just many of you will ever need.

Of course, Chanel doesn’t make beautiful bags only. They make practical ones as well. This one, for example, can accommodate all of your belongings within its massive interior. Furthermore, the interior and the items inside will stay well-protected regardless of what you do.  Some of you will also know that this bag is developed for women who have an active and thrilling lifestyle.

The last but not least is the CC clasp. It is modern, desirable and sexy all at the same time. When we think of drawbacks, the situation is simple, there are no any!

This Chanel Python Small Classic Flap is simply stunning, period. If you want to get plenty of complications from the same and opposite sex, this bag will make sure that becomes a reality. Do you still want another bag?



W25 x H15 x D6.5  (cm)

W9.8 x H5.9 x D2.6 (inch)

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