Chanel Envelope Flap Bag White

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Chanel is probably the best fashion house when it comes to elegant creations which look 100% original and different. If you don’t think like us, then take a look at the Chanel Envelope Flap Bag White. It is a masterpiece in the white color.

All hardware comes in gold color and all of it is perfectly crafted to match the requirements of the most demanding users. This refers especially to the chain strap which is paired with the leather center and which allows for you to carry the bag over a shoulder or cross-body. Of course, there is a top handle as well, which helps you carry the bag in your hands when you want to look different.

The space inside is reasonably big, but the Chanel Envelope Flap Bag White isn’t a bag for transporting a lot of items. It is the source of elegance and it is the one to look right now. Additionally, we can say that this bag has chevron quilting and reverse chevron quilting. Add the CC logo in the center and you will get an extraordinary handbag to carry every single day.

The Chanel Envelope Flap Bag White is a purpose-made bag. It is suitable for party-related occasions and for situations when you want to look as great as possible. It is a modern and elegant bag of a unique type which will make you a satisfied owner every single time you decide to choose this bag over another one.

The leather used for the bag is high-quality calfskin leather which is known and commonly used by Chanel. We should add that it is in beautiful white color and it looks stunning in the lack of a better word. In the end, all we can say is that the bag looks and feels special.



W22 x H17 x D7 (cm)

W8.7 x H6.7 x D2.8 (inch)

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