Chanel Citizen Chic Mini Flap in Pink Lambskin

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The 2018 Spring/Summer collection seems promising, especially if you are looking for a bag that will not only help you look stylish but feminine as well.

That’s exactly the look this Chanel Citizen bag has to offer. The baby pink, almost cotton candy color of the bag is what will allow you to carry yourself as the modern woman you are. Moreover, given the fact that the bag is suitable for all sorts of occasions, as it can be dressed up and down as you like, it’s likely it will become yet another staple in your wardrobe.

What’s interesting about this Chanel Citizen bag is that, unlike some other smaller bags out there, it doesn’t come with an uncomfortable handle. Indeed, the comfy handle found on this bag is what brings the overall quality to a satisfying level. But don’t worry — that doesn’t mean the bag is not ladylike at all. In fact, the handle is there to allow you to comfortably carry the bag as a tote wherever you go.

The bag also features the famous diamond-shaped quilting most women love about Chanel bags. Moreover, there’s also a chain leather strap. You can use it if you prefer carrying your bags across your body or your shoulder.

Now, when it comes to the shape, you’ll see that this bag offers plenty of room. Its square shape allows you to use every inch of the interior compartments.

You’ll be happy to know that there are three roomy compartments. There, you can place pretty much all of your essential belongings. Moreover, in terms of embellishment, the bag also sports some smooth-looking, luxurious hardware. The CC symbol will certainly let everyone know that when it comes to accessories, you know which ones are worthy of your money.

Finally, notice that the bag is made from soft lambskin. This material is not only luxurious but incredible-looking as well.



W17 x H14.5 x D8 (cm)

W6.7 x H5.7 x D3.2 (inch)

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