Chanel Chevron Stitched Classic Flap in Black Calfskin

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Sporting a Chanel Chevron bag is something that will surely bring your whole look to a new level.

The iconic Chanel bag that comes with the Chevron Quilting is famous all over the world. Yet what you will find here is something very similar, but unique at the same time. This Chanel Stitched Chevron bag comes in black pleated crumpled calfskin that is a bit softer than what aged calfskin would be. Thus, it is the perfect addition to any woman’s wardrobe. It’s both classic and vintage-looking at the same time.

That isn’t to say that modern women cannot wear this bag. On the contrary — Chanel bags are the ultimate accessories. Because of that, this Chanel Chevron flap bag will find its way into every single one of your looks and allow you to dazzle everyone with your sense of style.

As far as the inside of the bag goes, there’s plenty of room to keep all your belongings. Below the flap, you’ll find the front pocket. There, you can store things you need to keep within reach. Moreover, inside the bag, you will encounter patch pockets and a convenient zip pocket for keeping the most important things, like your phone, safe from harm.

Finally, one of the best things about this classic flap bag is that it almost feels as if it draws inspiration from the 90s fashion world. With the pleated crumpled calfskin leather and gold hardware that is a sure sign of elegance, there’s no doubt you will love every single minute of carrying this bag.

What’s more, it’s very likely you’ll draw looks from anyone who sees it — and why shouldn’t you? After all, by picking this bag, you’ll show everyone how sophisticated your fashion style is.



W25.5 x H16 x D6.5  (cm)

W10 x H6.3 x D2.6 (inch)

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