Chanel Silver Chevron Space Suit Flap Bag

Chanel Silver Chevron Space Suit Flap Bag

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How many times you have watched a Sci-Fi movie where women carried a futuristic bag? Probably hundreds of times. Well, here is a bag that looks like it just came from a movie we have mentioned. The all-new Chanel Silver Chevron Space Suit Flap Bag is finally here and it is ready to break some hearts. Of course, your heart may be spared.

The main element of this Chanel Chevron Space Suit Flap Bag is the calfskin with the cracked texture. Not only it looks great, but it makes the entire bag futuristic and one of a kind. Besides the futuristic design, this bag comes with a chain added to the sides. It makes it appealing even more and it makes you want it so badly.

All of this is paired with a silver-color hardware which is durable, tough and can withstand almost anything. If you are looking for a bag that looks great, but at the same time is more durable than you can imagine, this one is just right. We also appreciate the fact that all the elements have been carefully incorporated into the main appeal of the bag. It looks smooth and solid like it was made from a single piece of material.

The last, but far from the least is the interior. It is layered with soft materials and it comes with a zipper pocket, which is mandatory according to Chanel standards. There are also countless smaller additions to the interior, so the bag can be used for anything you may have in mind and it will make sure it stays protected at all times.

The word SPACE in the name of this bag isn’t accidentally used. It refers to the main aspect of the bag. It looks like it just came from space, but you can have it now, on planet Earth.



W34 x H22 x D10 (cm)

W13.4 x H8.7 x D3.9 (inch)

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