Chanel Chevron Medal Flap Bag Orange

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Are you looking for a bag that will scream “elegance” whenever you wear it? Are you tired from opting for gray, plain-looking bags whenever you have to go out, just because they are the only ones that can provide you with enough room for all your essentials?

Well, if that’s the case, then it’s high time you met the newest Chanel Chevron bag.

With its rich orange color and a chevron medal logo on the flap that gives the bag a sophisticated feel, this Chanel Chevron is the ultimate accessory for a modern 21st-century woman.

It’s not a small bag, by any means. We cannot say that it’s the biggest one out there either. But that’s one of the best things about this bag. It’s the perfect size for all those women who happen to carry lots of things with them every day.

Inside, you’ll find a roomy compartment that also features a zipped pocket. Thus, you’ll be able to not only keep your phone safe inside the bag but also pack a planner, your water bottle, keys — whatever you want! For a modern woman, this bag offers plenty of room — and a style to match the convenience of it!

The most exciting part of this bag is definitely the medal flap in the front. Unlike some other Chanel bags, this medal flap seems a bit masculine. However, while wearing the bag, you won’t feel like that at all. In fact, since it is more of a medium-sized bag, it will go well with most of your outfits and complement them perfectly.

The bag comes with gold hardware at the bottom of the flap. This hardware will catch the light fabulously and give the bag an almost ethereal look.

Another feature that adds to the overall elegance of the bag is the thin strap it comes with. On either side of the bag, the strap begins with leather. However, in the middle, there’s a chain that adds that classic Chanel vibe to any outfit.

Finally, we mustn’t forget that the bag comes in quilted chevron leather. Thus, it goes without saying that it will last you for a very long time. What’s more, it will age beautifully, as leather usually does.



W23 x H16 xD7 (cm)

W9.1 x H6.3 xD2.8 (inch)

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